Spiritual Etiquette



As we are all experiencing a greater connectivity than ever before and are consciously walking our paths, we need to address the etiquette involved.


We wouldn’t walk into a strangers house, go into their kitchen make a drink and then sit down without a word, think of nature like someone else’s house, it is polite to greet them, ask their permission to enter, have gratitude for the experience and thank them when we leave.


When we connect to the universal centre again express thanks and gratitude, take nothing for granted.


When travelling we will encounter many different entities, again be polite and respectful but also remember that you are a being of the light and you come from a heart centred place, as a result darker entities cannot hurt you. I have had quite a few intense experiences with such entities and coming from heart works a treat every time.


We are not colonialists, we are not stomping all over the universe staking our claim with our misguided sense of superiority, we are part of the universe and we are fellow explorers, sharing knowledge wisdom and love, with respect and gratitude.


We also need to respect the space of other people, as we develop our gifts we have a responsibility to act with integrity. Never go into another person’s energy without their permission!


Our energies naturally interact with other people and that is how we pick up on their emotions etc and this is totally normal and just another sense to help us navigate the world in harmony. However, consciously directing your energy into theirs for example via a reading or healing is not on, unless you have their permission. It will in fact lead to distortion and rather funky energy.


So for example if you are worried about someone you can do a reading with regard to your relationship with them , such as do they need my help right now, is our relationship good. You could contact them and say I am a little worried about you, not sure why would you like me to do a reading for you, or do you want to talk?


Going into someone’s energy for your own reasons brings your own filters into play. The reading, as you have no-ones permission could actually be about you but it all gets rather confusing and is eventually meaningless. Most of us are also protected by our higher self so unless permission is sought nothing is going to get through. So the reading will be about your energy not theirs.


Going into someone else’s energy as we sense something wrong is also rather judgemental, who are we to make such a claim, what makes us think we think we can “help”. All we can do is offer the support if we feel something is off but respect their space and their privacy.


We also need to look at ourselves what are we avoiding by being drawn into the lives of others, what is being triggered that throws us into the role of helper/healer/rescuer.


So before you rush forward to help, think how you would feel if someone was poking around in your energy…..or if you woke up and I was staring at you through your bedroom window?


Respect and Gratitude, keep them with you at all times.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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