June 10th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and another energetically soothing day and this energy is going to stay with us as we once again arrive at the weekend. Time really is speeding up!


Enjoy this energy, it gives a feeling of all is right with the world, hook into this and relax.  We deal with so much stress and anxiety in daily life (although it doesn’t have to be) that we are almost always in a state of fight or flight and you probably don’t even really notice it has happened for so long, So when we get chance to breathe, when everything seems calm and good we don’t trust it.


One of the hardest thing is to get people to relax and I mean really relax, with a clear mind just happy to be in the moment. Of course we can achieve this in meditation but it is possible to live it and that is what this energy is showing us. This state, this feeling can be our norm not the high levels of anxiety.


Hook into this energy and let it immerse you, what if you felt like this all the time. It is an energy that says stop fighting, stop seeking, stop trying and just BE.


This isn’t a passive energy it inspires action but not for an end result but for the process of being whilst doing, we don’t need to rush from moment to moment, time is going fast by itself but what we do need to do is experience each moment, in the moment, not once its gone.


The more present you are in each moment the less time you need in your cave reflecting on what just happened.


Although the predominant energy is rather delightful, there will be many that don’t interpret it like that due to where they are on their path at the moment.


This paradigm is about taking responsibility for your life and consciously walking your path, for those that deny this and continue to blame, this energy calming will feel at odds with you. You will feel angry anxious and depressed. Something isn’t right, if you don’t step back from this cycle and bring it into your awareness then your unconscious and your ego will pull you further into this cycle of anger and blame.


As I have said before as the worlds split we will find that those consciously walking their path taking responsibility will create more and more blissful and meaningful lives and those that choose not to will become angrier and angrier……haven’t you noticed it already? However that said it only takes a second to awaken and begin that journey.


Bear in mind though that it is not your responsibility to ensure others awaken……all you can do is be an example….seriously lead by example or you risk turning from your path and adopting the role of saviour, which puts your firmly back in the last paradigm especially as you need to cast the role of victim and aggressor …once again limiting your experience to conditioned illusion .


This really is a beautiful and amazing time and if you are not seeing and experiencing this then you have blocks on your path. Now this could be something small that needs bringing into your awareness for release and then you see clearly or it may be a little more intricate however yours is not to reason at this point, if you flow with the universe with your ears eyes and heart open you will be guided to see what you need to see, it’s up to you whether you embrace this or reject it.


So breathe in this wonderful supportive, relaxing inspiring beautiful energy and just be with it.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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