Spiritual and Personal Development – Open Days and Courses


beach med

My path so far has been a great journey of discovery, about myself initially and then the universe. The result in a nutshell…..a life lived in bliss.


I am not at the mercy of my emotions or my mind, my mind is clear, my emotions are balanced, my physical body works in synergy with my other bodies.


I am abundant in all ways, love money and time just flow with ease in my life.


I live in the present and as a result experience deep joy daily, I applaud the miracles and study the lessons


I take full responsibility for everything that occurs in my life and as a result experience true freedom.


I have a bag full of tools that I have picked up along the way and have got me to where I am today.


I want to share those tools with you and so have decided that the time is right to start my courses once again.


This will not be covered in one day and a commitment of time and dedication will be required, I will not wave a magic wand but I will give you the tools and show you how to use them.


There will be a cost to this course as everything in life requires balance and a fair exchange

The course takes 6 days minimum and this can be divided however suits. For example A full week, working every day, 3 weekends, each a month apart, 6 week days, one a week or one a month.


I can work one on one or in groups. Groups actually work very well as you can then form study groups and help each other out. I can also tailor the courses to you.

I would charge a day rate so if you got together 10 friends then it would be £25 each per day.


When you complete the course, this is just the beginning and I will be here to help guide and inspire you as you step consciously onto your path, as will those that walk with you.


I know that this is a big commitment so I am going to organise open days around the area, so you can come along for a chat a learn more about who I am and what I am offering.


The first one will be in Lowestoft and hopefully within the next month, so if you would like to come along to that or alternatively if you would like to get some friends together,  10 or more then I would be happy to come to you.


So for now this about you getting to know a little more about what I do and what I can offer, so please feel free to ask any questions.


Love and laughter Michele xxxx






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