June 9th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and hope everyone is well, as we head towards the weekend we continue with this rather calm and gentle energy that we have had all week.


As the reflective energy continues take some time to reflect on how you have felt this week, get to know those feelings. Sometimes when we are used to the drama of life, the continual ups and downs, worries and fears we can overlook the subtle nuances of this gentle and reflective energy but if you take some time to be still and ask your heart, you will see.


Take some time today to enjoy this blissful and stable energy, it is calm, assuring but it is also connecting, it is the eye of the storm, a calm place suspended in the midst of chaos.


In this new paradigm we need to be continually adjusting our viewpoint, like a chef whose palette develops we need to re learn and redefine how we feel in any moment.


I once had a friend say they didn’t want to get to the level of development I had as they still wanted to be able to feel and react as it wouldn’t be fair on their child. Now they had mistaken my calm exterior and the fact I didn’t get my buttons pushed and responded rather than reacting to not actually feeling. Someone who had lots of baggage and trigger points who acted as I did was numb and possibly shutting down, this was not my state.


I was in fact feeling more intensely than I had my whole life,  these feelings however were not a reaction to being triggered by the behaviour of others, that was no longer part of my world. What I did experience was strong continuous and steady joy and bliss, happiness and wonder, a response to the beauty and miracles I saw everywhere, once I had removed the blinkers and the triggers which distorted my view and created drama from my experiences.


The ups and downs that so many experience, are accepted as part of life….they are not, they are part of the external drama that we have become addicted to, which stops us getting to know our true selves. It’s as though we have accepted the drama as inevitable so we may as well own it, how many people feel alive due to the constant pendulum swing of their lives.


It does not have to be this way and in my world it isn’t. The pendulum swing from good times to bad is part of the polarity paradigm, the world of either or, external v internal and the focus on external control. That paradigm has gone and we are in the paradigm of Unity, the world of all, of unity and of our internal journey creating our external bliss.


So look for those subtle nuances, get to know them, accept and embrace that it may not feel as dramatic as the past but it feels way better. Adjust your mind set and your viewpoint, release those expectations that life has to be dramatic to get your blood pumping and look at your interpretation of drama.


This is a heart centred paradigm, you may not be quite there yet but your heart is, so go within and follow your hearts lead. Look beyond the shouting and get to know how these ascended balanced states feel.


Have a wonderful day , lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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