June 8th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, another beautiful and rather still day, however we also have a reflective energy here this morning. This is gentle reflection however, a time maybe to see how you have become the person you are today. This energy is very personal, it is about you and any eureka moments will be about who you are.


We really have had quite a rough few months with lots of storms, we have all been sent scurrying to our caves on more than one occasion. Big cycles have been torn apart or ended in a flash, we have also learned some harsh lesson, these periods were often intense but short.


We have just come out of a rather intense two week period, where much of the debris of our lives was dragged up and dumped in our laps, old fears reared their ugly head and there was much for us to deal with and release.


This energy is very different, it will gently show you your kindness and compassion, your wisdom and knowing, it will show you your capacity for love and more than anything it will help you to love yourself.


Breathe in this beautiful energy today , it is gently expressive, so do just that express yourself. I could watch people express themselves all day long, it is the most beautiful thing, however someone chooses to do this, when they are outwardly expressing their soul, it connects you to them and them to everything in this world.


Listen to the birds and the insects today, they will be flying high on this expressive energy, they will sing louder, swoop faster and if you look closely I swear you can see them smiling.


Immerse yourself in the moment today, if you spend 5 minutes sitting in the garden be aware of all of your senses, immerse your senses in the moment and just note how that feels. Notice how the breeze rustles your hair tickling your neck, the breeze brings the scent of honeysuckle and carries the sound of a singing bird, drifting in and out. Sit and allow this to completely cover you, then become aware of your part in this, notice your breathing, your body moving, how does the sun or the breeze feel on your skin. Notice how the insects are reacting to you, coming closer, or buzzing around. You are part of this, this is part of you. Just sit and be, with the understanding how connected and submerged in all this you are.

Do not force yourself to reflect, just allow whatever thoughts images or memories to come to you and then just allow them to present themselves to you, note them and allow the next memory, you will at some point see the pattern or the message, just allow it to flow.


To move fully into the next paradigm you need to be heart centred not the mind centred focus of the last paradigm…how much you love yourself is a great indicator of that.


To truly love and accept yourself is the most heart centred thing you can do.


So have a lovely gently reflective day, you deserve it, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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