Are you blocking your own happiness?

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Are you blocking your own happiness?


I see some of the most giving and supportive people block their own happiness. They are tuned to transmit and not receive.


There are many reasons they do this and it is all related to blocks within.


Have you ever tried to help a helper? It is met with hostility stubbornness and a big fat NO.


These are beautiful souls that are denying themselves so much balance and harmony as they are locked for whatever reason into their role of helper/nurturer.


The sadness in this is that when there is no balance, no reciprocity then the value of the act diminishes and we become enablers or takers neither is great energetically.


You may be this person or someone close to you, become aware of this and then consciously bring some balance into this relationship. A helper like this is usually busy in the background helping everyone and can become invisible; we can often turn first to this type of person to help us as they are always there, without recognising the cost.


If this is you look within as to why you subjugate your needs to satisfy the needs of others. To tell yourself that you are happy when everyone else is happy is a lie, look within and you will find the answers so you can release this and bring in more balance.


If you have a helper in your life don’t facilitate their imbalance, it won’t be easy and you may find that this kind and gentle helper has teeth but it is for the good of all. It may also be a pain as you will have to start doing more yourself but balance is the goal for all.


Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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