June 7th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, the post is a little late this morning as I slept long and deep. It was a healing sleep and I have woken once again feeling that a shift has occurred, in me but also in you and the world.


Do you feel healed in anyway this morning? You may not always notice when something leaves so it may take a while, just like do you remember the moment a headache lifts?


Today is a good day to heal generally, heal your body with food, your heart with forgiveness, your mind with acceptance, your soul with love and your spirit with surrender. All of these are available to you by the bucket load today, draw them in, feel them, use them.


The energy is rather calming today also but deep, it can work away at your core without you even realising, so pay attention to the thoughts and memories that may appear randomly to you today, there is a message or a lesson there for you.


The planet has been going through a rather harsh release over the last month or so and I feel that this has settled to, a feeling a little of the calm after the storm. I feel this intense releasing has passed for now. You may have that slight shipwrecked feeling today, washed up on shore not too sure where you are or how you got here but it kind of feels ok.


You may feel a little dazed and confused but are you? We often mis-interpret emotions though so don’t be so quick to label how you feel….sometimes we can feel exhausted in a good way after a job well done. Or you could be feeling clearer but if you are unused to this is may feel the opposite.


As we all move forward in this new paradigm we would all do well to delay any kind of labelling until we really get  a handle on how we feel. Words can also be rather limiting, or rather our use of them can be….open up with this, we can express how we feel in colour sound and smell. When I see energy I see colour, smell, taste, sound, thickness, intensity, emotions or memories it evokes, speed, movement and that is just the basics……don’t contract, expand in every way, look outside of the rule books and let go of all expectation ….then you may see what is really in front of you.


When we live in the present we experience so much more and more intensely, our experiences are also more true to us, as we are not pushing them through and tainting them with the issues from the past or expectation and attachment to outcome.


Free yourself of all of this, you have been healed in so many ways overnight. I see fractures have been healed in us all, it is our physical body our vessel that had been cracked. So breathe deeply, we are whole and get out there and live your life, giving all of those around you friends family and strangers the space to do the same.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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