June 6th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope everyone is well, today is a light hearted day, it smells fruity like summer. The other energies that have been building over the latter part of the week and the weekend are still there. These are strong stable empowering energies, helping you to find out who you are and help you build the trust confidence and faith to step into your power. Yet the predominant energy that I can feel this morning is fun and playful.


We can all have times where we take ourselves way too seriously, getting a little mired down with the work that needs to be done or the worries that need to be dealt with. So for today put all that to one side, it can wait, seriously the world will not stop spinning if you do nothing but enjoy yourself today.


Say No just because you can, not because you feel put upon or are on your last nerve but just because you don’t want to.


Today you all get permission to please yourself, have some fun, indulge in the simplest of pleasures, run down a hill until you fall over, twizzle star jump in the sand, teach your dog a new trick, whatever floats your boat.


Today imagine that you are an 8 year old child and today is the first day of your school holiday, open that front door and run.


If you are at work embrace your fun childlike self as much as you can, do silly things that makes you giggle.


What makes you laugh?

Just let go today, do what makes you happy not what you should, ought or have to do.


Do not be afraid to express yourself, care not what others think, this is your reality and if they choose to experience that negatively then that is their issue. We can be so afraid of the judgements of others but then one of the things people remark about me is the fact that I don’t seem to care about what others think….which I don’t because their viewpoint is not my reality…..expressing myself in the moment is.


We have all spent too long locked in a cage denying our emotions until they became twisted and we became so far removed from them we no longer knew what we felt but we certainly knew what we were supposed to feel.


So today get back to that innocent humour of childhood. In childhood there are no parameters for what is funny, we cannot explain what we find funny……funny just explodes from us in the moment…..go have some funny moments.


Humour is very important for the times ahead, we cannot take ourselves so seriously or the path that we are on, Love and Humour are probably the two strongest energies in my world. We can be committed and dedicated, we can take full responsibility for our lives and respect our path is full of learning but we can also have a hoot along the way….without laughter we often don’t lift up our heads and look to skies.


So hook into this playful energy today…. Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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