June 5th 2016 Energy

hands of enlightenment.jpg


Good Morning I hope everyone is well. So today I feel similar energy to yesterday, there is a general sadness to the energy being generated amongst people and I see now that this may be linked to the death of Muhammad Ali. I will write later about the amount of people leaving the planet but as I predicted in 2010 the annual deaths have begun to rise year on year since 2011.


So step up and out of the mourning energy, unless as I said this triggers you and then it is a great opportunity to release.


Today would be a good day to contemplate who you are, your strength , your compassion, your wisdom. Step up and out of the labels that others put on you, the labels that we bizarrely try to live up to.


Today is the day we put down the stick we use to beat ourselves due to our perceived failings. Today is the day that we look at big list we have written for ourselves and celebrate what we have achieved not what we failed to do.


I see a golden energy, it looks like a spot light, it’s shining on you, so maybe it is time for you to sit back and enjoy the show……see yourself up there on the stage, see you in all your splendour and become your greatest champion NOT your  biggest critic.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving yourself, in fact it is vital for the times ahead. To walk through a sea of haters you have to have a strong belief in your core, then their words and clawing hands don’t affect you. The same with those that want to pull you into their terror and fear, when you have a strong core and faith in yourself you can continue to walk head held high.


When you love yourself you are able to give and receive love unconditionally as you don’t need anything in return, you meet your own needs and are therefore free to give love without restraint.


If you don’t love yourself then no one is going to do it for you, if you don’t have faith in yourself no one is coming to save you, these are choices we all need to make, are we a passive passenger along for the ride or are we an active participant co creating this world with our fellow citizens?


Ok so the energy as we go into next week is going to be very empowering I feel a call to action coming, it is time to put your money where your mouth is. I feel strength wisdom, clarity is all going to come swooping in next week.


It feels like we are building an army, a peaceful loving and balanced army but an uncompromising one, we stand tall in our power and we stand united with our neighbours.


So look at yourself today, see yourself in the spot light and ask  am I ready to stand united and if that answer is yes then it is time to make a commitment!.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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