June 4th 2016 Energy  



Good Morning I hope everyone slept better last night, there is once again a stillness to the energy this morning but this time it feels sad. Although feeling into it, this is again generated by us, so we can step out of this sad feeling, unless this energy triggers a sadness in you that needs to be expressed and released. For example, you may have lost a loved one in the past and did not complete the grieving process, supressing your emotions till another time maybe. Well that time is now, it does not matter how long ago, if you have suppressed any loss or ending, it may hit you over the weekend.


This is fine and a good thing, better out than in as they say. However this is not you slipping into melancholia or depression, just get it out, look at it, feel it and then let it go…..if you sit quietly and breathe deeply you will feel the lift when it goes. Sometimes it can take an hour and sometimes just moments.


Ah I feel confidence, take this into your heart and be bold, if you find your head getting a little dizzy then you have taken this energy into your mind, visualise lowering it and see it enter your heart. Much can be achieved here. If you have issues you need to face, then this weekend the energy is supporting you. If there is something that you need to say or do, now is the time, if there is something that needs to be achieved, created, designed, instigated…..now is the time.


Drawing confidence energy into the heart, ensures compassion for others, an integrity with power, a quiet and stable assurance in the path that you are walking.


Today is a powerful day, I am also sensing…..trust belief compassion honesty LOVE lots and lots of love.


The energy really is rather beautiful today so do whatever you can to connect, connect to nature to the birds and the bees, to each other but most of all find that beautiful connection with yourself today……then you will see what I see J ….beautiful souls every single one.


Have an awesomely inspiringly fabulous weekend, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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