A questioning mind and a discerning heart


These are two qualities that are very important when consciously travelling our path and are worth consciously developing. We are living in a world of facades, a sickly sweet sanitised version of reality, where people talk of doing the right thing but that does not translate into actually doing the right thing. This can be tricky to navigate and we can often be side tracked into areas of no relevance or value for us. There is a line in a song that always comes back to me….”you have to believe in something or you will fall for anything “ This is so true, believe in yourself or you will just bounce around on the sea of others opinions, you also open yourself to being manipulated and drained for the benefit of others.


Question everything, do not blindly accept what another is telling you, find its basis in your reality, does this work for you; does it make sense to you? How is this grounded in reality, that is the important one, how is this practically applied, words often are just that and mean nothing unless demonstrated in the physical.


We are 100% responsible for everything that happens in our lives and being discerning and acting upon that helps our experience be positive. To be discerning is more than a judgement, to me it feels more objective, you and judge a situation, person etc.  but this is not really a judgement about them but about how this fits into your life, is this something you want or not, is this beneficial or destructive. We may be able to see that someone needs help but we discern that at this point that is not us. It is not selfish; it is a strong and balanced state, which has positive affects for all.


So bring this into all of your interactions, it takes a little practice after all it flies in the face of our conditioning. Watch the younger generation they are very good at this. When my son was young he had an accident on his BMX and had to be stitched up….a nurse practitioner came to do it rather than a doctor, so my son with no prompting started to interview her, on her experience, training etc. , once he was satisfied she knew what she was doing he agreed to let her stitch him up, now he did this is a very practical and calm way and the nurse practitioner took no offence and thought it was a good thing….she felt no judgement from him as this wasn’t what he was doing, it was his body and he had every right to check she was the right person for the job…….these are the new paradigm children and we would do well to follow their lead.


In all your interactions bring it into the physical and ground it, how does this make sense or apply to you, is this real or jibber jabba, both have their uses but you need to discern which is which.


There are some really simple techniques that help and just involve you taking a moment to step back and look at the situation objectively.


If someone is telling you how to do something check that they apply to themselves, for example when looking for a Reiki master, ask them how it has changed their lives, how do they apply it daily and what affects does this bring. What concrete changes in the physical world has this brought?


If you go for healing and your healer is sick, walk away…do you want this in your system?


If someone says they can make you rich, are they rich? Discern whether the people teaching you to do something are applying and benefiting from it themselves, if not there is no value, it also means that they do not truly believe in what they are teaching.


Look at your life and see all the times that people have offered you help etc. but that never materialises in the physical, it is all hot air. This is fine this is the way people can be, however when you discern this to be the case then it bounces of you as you take it as the hot air it is. When you don’t you get hurt and frustrated by the lack of input from those that promised you so much.


When we use discernment we stop wasting our time and our life….how many of you have taken courses that promised so much to come out the other side feeling no different in the long term…which you see as a failing in you?


We are leaving the paradigm where we believe all good things came from outside of ourselves, that we deferred our power to those we deemed as experts or better than us, we didn’t question we just allowed others to do to us….all in the theory that they know better.


So stop and check…..are they putting their money where their mouth is…are their words backed by action ….does this new course of action generate great results in your physically reality…..Do they practice what they preach? How does this apply to me in real terms?


Play around with these concepts and see how they work for you, it will be tough as we have been conditioned to comply without a word, not to question and just accept but this is wrong we have every right to question, it is not rude or ungrateful nor is it arrogant, it is very wise.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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