Spiritual Growth or Parlour Tricks



This is the definition of spiritual growth that most closely aligns with my thoughts – Spiritual growth is a process of shedding our wrong and unreal concepts, thoughts, beliefs and ideas, and becoming more conscious and aware of our inner being. This process uncovers the inner spirit that is always present, but hidden beyond the ego-personality.


This is how I see spiritual development, however there also seems to be a lot of courses etc that offer spiritual development in terms of learning to be clairvoyant, to be a crystal healer, mediumship skills.

Now these can be worthwhile skills in their own right, they can bring comfort or validation to clients, they can even earn you a living, however they do not bring growth and development of your spirituality. This I believe is where the danger lies, you think that you are progressing but really you are going round in circles on the surface.


If however you work on your own personal/spiritual development as defined above then all of those skills or gifts are revealed naturally. You also develop them at a much deeper and more powerful level and the affects as a result are much more powerful.


For example a Reiki Practitioner who has spent much time and dedication working on their own spiritual journey….grounding processing and releasing will have a much stronger and cleaner channel and will therefore be of greater service to their clients and produce much deeper long lasting results than someone who didn’t put the same commitment in.  I see on here that you can become a Reiki Practitioner after a weekend……do you really though?


As we are channels it is our responsibility to work on becoming a clear channel, that way we really are just a conduit, however when we have not worked on this, information and energy that comes in to us goes through our filter of baggage and triggers and this distorts our interpretation. So for example a clairvoyant whose husband cheated on her may interpret signs of a secret as being an affair…when it could be something as simple as getting a speeding ticket and not wanting to tell his wife.


The same with Reiki and healing if you are not a clear channel and are not healing from source then you are putting your own energy into a client and no one benefits from  that.




Your personal spiritual development will naturally produce gifts, learning a skill will not aid your spiritual growth or at least certainly not at the same depth or speed. Done this way it is a natural progression.


I have seen many people over the years limit themselves significantly by thinking the fact they have been on 15 courses and have the certificates means they are spiritually advanced so they stop learning or seeking their own truth and wisdom.


You may be happy focusing on mediumship etc and that is perfectly fine, we all need different things at different times but just keep in mind it doesn’t mean you are developing spiritually.


So have a good look at what you do and why, how does it make you feel, what do you want as you may find that the reason you’re are struggling in all areas is that you have put yourself in a Perspex box, you think you are walking your path but you are not progressing.


Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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