June 3rd 2016 Energy

balance 4


Good Morning and I hope everyone is well, the energy this morning is still a little smog like, settling in and making you a little lethargic, try and power through this if you can, this is not quiet reflective energy, this is fear energy and we don’t need that.

You may find you experience more road rage and short tempered reactions today so try not to get caught up in it.  This is not your energy and not your mood.


I do however also feel a strong stable energy; I keep getting a picture of a knight in armour. It is time to stake your claim, say your piece, whatever that may mean to you. If something is important to you say it, get it, do it.


Today however is not the day to make new plans only to put in action those that you have previously considered.


Today is also a good day to have a look around, assess your life, where you are and who’s around you, I feel a strong sense of clarity coming in, it may be time to face the truth and then do something about it.


It could also be time for you to do something that you have been putting off for a while. I feel strength speed and courage……it may be that you have an issue you want to address but could never find the right words or time, maybe you feared being shut up, well over the next few days I feel that you will find yourself saying those words, making a stand but from a calm and balanced place. Saying NO really is truly liberating and empowering and we are perfectly entitled to say it!


Don’t allow your socially conditioned guilt to get you to sacrifice yourself anymore. It isn’t real and a balanced ego will toss it to one side. It isn’t admirable to beat ourselves up, it doesn’t make us a caring and kind soul. This is also why it is important to respond rather than react, when we react it is often due to unconscious or deep rooted triggers , which we then feel we want to take back or apologise for . When we respond it is more reasoned and objective, we can then stand by the decision we made in that moment…..that is empowering.


Monitor you language and behaviour throughout the day and just become more aware of any negativity, even if it is just in the words you choose to use .


Have a wonderful day, claim your space, this is your world and you have every right to live in it and live well…..lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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