Mirror Mirror on the wall


The behaviours of others that we dislike the most are the ones that we are trying to bury in ourselves.


When we criticise judge and punish others it is not about them, we are punishing them for the traits we hate in ourselves.


A lot of this is unconscious so denial is high in the conscious mind.


We may not see it in ourselves but we can spot it in others….maybe their hypocrisy really irritates us, if this is the case we need to check ourselves for our own hypocrisy, after all if our hands were clean it would not bother us!


Many years ago I was working with a family where the mother could not bond with her eldest child, she genuinely didn’t really like him, the reason was she saw all her flaws and imperfections reflected back at her every day in this child and her egoic response was to reject her child. It takes strength courage and a conscious mind to face our darker side but when we do we can change the world.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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