June 2nd 2016 Energy


daisyJune 2nd 2016 Energy


Good Morning, I hope everyone is well, your energies levels should be increasing as we head towards the weekend but as with everything it is important that you have a something in your life that helps you with this, for example meditation, walks in nature, tree hugging, whatever you find works for you in helping to alleviate the effects of current modern living, no matter which way we slice it, it is draining.


Whatever you do, do it daily, incorporate it into your daily routine, these are all the tools that are going to help you as we move forward.


We need to ground daily, remain in the moment, consciously respond and increase energy levels. Find your techniques that work for you and use them consciously and consistently. I promise it will make life a lot smoother.


So the energy I can feel this morning is one again a bit of mixed bag, the past is definitely in our present at the moment and that can only mean the opportunity once again to reflect and release. Big cycles are ending for everyone at the moment and this can be experienced as loss and sadness or excitement as we push into a new cycle.  Always ensure that you allow everything to be released , you don’t need to hold on to anything, there is no longer any value in this cycle.


Nostalgia feels pretty high this morning and this can be a bitter sweet emotion, however this is also a distraction if allowed, we can fall into the drama of the past as it triggers our roles of victim saviour and abuser.

I feel this energy is a mix of universal and human energy. Many of the skills and tools that are going to be very useful to us as we explore this paradigm are not new to us, we used them in worlds and time gone by, for the last decade (at least) we have been asked to remember.  Most of this remembering is done in dreams and just a knowing.


So the energy that comes into the planet facilitates this remembering, however when it mixes with humanities fear then it becomes a nostalgia energy, remember this because you can then pick out the energy you need and release the rest. For example if you have some memories of the past and it makes you feel loss, sadness, desperation, if it makes you yearn for the past or brings up anger then be aware that this is remembering with nostalgia, consciously release the nostalgia.


Also find yourself at least one person that you can talk to about these things, if not in person then in a forum or on here. Our experiences and therefore our learning is validated so much quicker when we are sharing your experiences.


So many of you have developed your knowing but until you begin to verbally express this it is hard for it to become anything than a thought in your head.


By sharing we empower each other, we hold out our hands to help someone up. Many find comfort in this page as it shows them they are not alone, that others have these thoughts, feelings and experiences. Apply that across the planet and you will see that there are more people like you than not.


I have builders in at the moment and generally chatting with them you can see how connected they are, they talked about stars aligning, fate, going with the flow, they showed importance of family and people over material wealth. They expressed a love for simplicity balance and harmony. All around us people are connecting ….they may not use new age terminology or look the part but they are more connected and aware than and many within the “new age” community.


So although times are changing and everything feels up and down and unsteady, we are actually in a wonderful place, if you can’t see that, you may need to stand on tip toes and look above the smog of fear. We are all working towards a common goal and that goal is in sight.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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