June 1st 2016 Energy

energy streams


June 1st 2016 Energy


Good Morning, so moving on swiftly from the energy of yesterday, we need to spring forward into today, although that may require some pushing and shoving but do it.


Although I can feel some light sparkly energising energy I can also feel a damp heavy energy too,  this energy is usually created by the fear of people. Has something happened recently that has kicked up the emotions of people?  This is what it feels like, artificially generated anger .


Even if you are not surrounded by angry people you will still be affected by the energy generated. This is also starting to cluster as angry people seek angry people. After all the ego will always seek validation of it’s own viewpoint, so surrounding yourself or drawing like- minded to you. We all need to check this, sometimes we can live with anger for so long and are surrounded by similar people that we no longer realise how angry we really are.


Visualise the energy, we have dark smoky fog like energy from the floor to around thigh height, usually this fog is around knee or calf height so it has increased over the last few days…..this is people’s fear based emotions and also artificially created fear.


Next, around body height,  we tend to have the active energies that are thick and bright whipping around like plasma trails but a bit more solid, these are creative and constructive energies, they deal with our 3d world and our physicality.


Then we have the whispier type energies that are more ethereal, these are subtle and delicate but oh so powerful, these energies give you space and inspiration, they connect to the centre of all things outside of time and space. These aid your transformation; they provide the energies needed in alchemy.


So get to know these energies, they are there for you to use in a variety of ways. It’s a bit like listening to an orchestra for the very first time, you just hear a beautiful sound but your ears aren’t trained or accustomed yet to be able to pick out the different instruments but soon you can.


It is going to become increasingly important for you all to be able to distinguish and sense energies, you need to be able to recognise what is yours and what isn’t, otherwise you are going to be tossed around in the sea of other people’s fears and desires.


To stand strong you really need to get to know yourself, inside and out. It is better to know everything the good the bad and the ugly than to have someone else impose upon you who you are!


So today is actually a very good day to start sensing the energy around, start a diary, see what you can sense each morning and then compare it with what I write, so much is down to interpretation, we can all have a different take on it.


I do what I do because I believed it and then committed to it and you can do the same.


If anyone wants to message on here any questions or topics they want covered please feel free, I always work so much better with a Q & A.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


2 thoughts on “June 1st 2016 Energy

  1. Hello Michele
    You are so spot on we all carry The feelings and emotions of the people around us and if we are negative we attract negative energy and negative people .
    like you I have always given people good advice and inspirational wisdom about finding a life balance and creating a good energy that works for you as an individual .
    But unfortunately I don’t practice what I preach and I’m am at a time in my life where I know I have to find my own balance in life so I can continue helping other people in there’s
    Thank you for your wonderful wisdom
    Love & Light

    1. Hi Dan, thank you so much for commenting. We all have moments where we stray from our path and I find it is usually because the ego is avoiding something. However the very fact that you are AWARE of not practising what you preach shows how wide your conscious awareness actually is, so this I feel is a temporary side step and you know exactly what you need to do, so Yeah GO You, this shows your past commitment to your path. When I have moments like these, I talk to my ego, gently reassuring that the change is a good thing, I then retreat to my cave and work on my daily processes of grounding, connecting balancing releasing and dreaming. Keep up the good work Dan, Love and laughter Michele

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