May 30th 2016 Energy

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May 30th 2016 Energy


Good morning, I hope everyone is well and enjoyed their weekend. This morning the predominant energy that I feel is balance, we are being urged to look at our life and concentrate on achieving more balance.


To achieve balance we utilise strength, integrity and discipline, we come from a calm and grounded viewpoint, responding rather than reacting to external stimuli.


We aim to be consciously aware of all areas of our lives and therefore be alerted to areas that are out of balance.


Take some time to look at the balance in your life and then be committed to doing something about it. As I have said in previous posts, understanding needs to be followed by action.


So is your life dominated by looking after others, often we unconsciously adopt the role of martyr or saviour, on the surface this may seem worthy and satisfy your ego but in reality it helps no one.


Do you over eat, drink or take drugs in excess, this form of self-medication is papering over the cracks so that you don’t have to face the issues that make you feel unworthy.


Are you always working, if so what are you trying to prove or attain and is it really worth the sacrifice.


However we may justify our actions or thought processes if we are out of balance it is usually because we are hiding something from ourselves or we are running away from something.


So take some time today to look at the balance in your life, draw in this energy and ask the universe for a way forward. If you are quiet and still the answer will come to you and then you need to put that into action .


It is up to you the balance achieved in your life, life does not happen to you, you create it. When life feels against you that is when you are least conscious in your life. It may make you feel like a victim however it is your unconscious that is constructing your reality…..make the unconscious conscious and you become the architect.


So reflect on the balance in your life and then do something about it! I am constantly assessing the balance in my life and then adjusting things accordingly which is why I am often seen as a little mad. I let go when most people hold on……and it makes me smile.


So take some time out today and feel the energy of balance, how does it apply to your life, what would it feel like to experience balance in all areas of your life and what can you do about it now!.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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