May 29th 2016 Energy

orange 2

May 29th 2016 Energy


Good Morning, today I feel the energy of abundance, this is quite a light playful energy, I see it as a two tone energy, orange and purple.

You can use this energy to tap into your dreams and bring them forth, I find it tends to speed up manifestation just be careful what you wish for.


Gratitude it highly important when dealing with manifestation and abundance, gratitude opens you up to allow the abundance to occur. Our past conditioning often means that we are open to an abundance of bad luck but close down for the good stuff, deep down we often feel we don’t deserve it, or that there is a price to pay. These are weighty topics for processing but incredibly worth it. You can however bypass this to a certain extent when the energies are present on the planet in their raw and undiluted state, such as today.


Whatever you put in motion today will reap great rewards for you, this will include positive and negative states so be aware and attuned to what is going on with you today.


This is also a good time to reflect on what you really want more of in your life, check yourself do you really want this or that. Often we put off truly living in the present waiting for something to come along later, when that thing either never comes or we never truly wanted it , this was just an excuse not to commit to the now. Remember so much of what motivates us is unconscious, processing follows the conscious manifestation back to the unconscious or deep rooted source and releases it.


Growth and development without a good processing technique is like trying to clean a Lorry with a cotton bud, you may feel that you are making progress in a defined area but one trip on the road and you are back where you started.


So today create abundance and receive it with gratitude, whilst recognising all the areas of your life and life in general for which you are grateful, it is the perfect day to count your blessings.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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