May 28th 2016 Energy


May 28th 2016


Good Morning, the stillness has lifted and more active and dynamic energy is coming through, this however may make those that have been avoiding release rather anxious.


When this active energy comes in it moves us and pushes us. If you are free and unrestricted then you can achieve a great amount, if however you are restricted through avoidance or fear then you will get a sense that something bad may be about to happen. This is not real it is the effect of energy that is not allowed to flow.


Today is a good day to look at the stories we tell ourselves, about who we are and why we are doing what we are doing. It is time to be honest with yourself, even if that is painful, what are you avoiding, what are you finding difficult to release. Often we can have our scars and baggage for so long that we find it difficult to let go even if it is for our benefit.


To bring your focus back in to you and the present try being more mindful, bring you attention to the tiny details In your now. It is only when we are present that we can truly observe our own behaviour and motivations.


Many people unconsciously have a discontinuity between who they think they are and the personality they display, we do not want discontinuity we want harmony balance integrity and truth. Many people are losing their way as they believe it is more important to appear all of these things than actually be them, that however is a remnant of the last paradigm and is not supported in this paradigm.


As we progress through the year it is going to become tougher and tougher to hide the truth from yourself and the lessons will become more extreme if you continue to look the other way, point the finger or play a constructed role. We are neither victims nor saviours, we are not damaged or broken as we have the tools to fix this, we are not half a whole searching for our other half, we are ALL, we are not waiting for anything, we just are in the moment.


The only time is now, so bring all your awareness to this moment, feel in to your own energy and bring the truth forth, your truth and then take it from there.


Enjoy this weekend, be constructive but more than anything get to know you and your world, all may not be quite what it appears.


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