May 27th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are all well, today the still energy continues but I can also feel the energy of trust and faith.


Many people struggle with these in their own lives, as it brings with it vulnerability; however they are pretty awesome energies and states to bring in.


Consciously breathe in these energies and see how you feel. Whilst you are doing this, recall times when you have “known” that something is going to happen. Or when you have had dreams that have come true or passing thoughts that have materialised, you have all had them and increasingly so over the last few years. How those gifts have progressed depends on how much faith belief and trust you have in yourself, these gifts and the Universe.


We also have to trust each other, now this is a toughie as we open ourselves up to getting hurt, abused or deceived however that is just one of the outcomes and being open and trusting is the only way to truly flow in life. Now this does not mean that we do not live without discernment, an element to be nurtured just like faith and trust. When you are living consciously you can discern the motives of another or whether it is wise to trust in this circumstance but once you do there are no half measures. If that person betrays your trust then you know that it is not personal, you do not close down or retract.  Maybe you didn’t act on what you discerned, maybe you didn’t listen to your gut feeling or maybe it was a lesson in not having an attachment to outcome. There are lots of possible scenarios here but one thing we should try not to do is contract our energy. It is better to be open and flowing with the occasional bump on the road than to be a dead end.


You may feel that you are in a corridor at the moment, one door has closed but the next hasn’t opened yet, this can be scary and frustrating but have trust that a new door will open but maybe you have some releasing to do or lessons to learn before you go through the next door.


Maybe you have a yearning to change your circumstances, house, job, whatever, you need trust and faith that you know your own desires and needs. Have faith that when you put it out there the Universe will respond.


Above all have faith that you are exactly where you need to be, you may not understand this and you may not see a way out but it is perfectly right for you. If you feel that you are not moving forward then look around, there is a lesson you haven’t seen yet, trust that the Universe will always provide the signs you need, you just need to look for them.


So draw on this energy today, see what it feels like in your system and apply it to something today, trust you child or your partner to do something that would normally worry you, trust in yourself you are stronger than you think, trust in the Universe to provide you with whatever you need in this moment.


Today is a good day to deal with any fears or anxieties that present themselves, just bring in the energy of faith and trust.


Have a good day, this weekend is going to be a good one, I feel the energy of manifestation coming in, we have some vibrant and constructive energies coming in tonight that are very dynamic…..we are all going to get our hair blown back this weekend, in a very good and exciting way.


The energies today are preparing us for this….to be truly connected, present and conscious we need to trust and have faith, then we can lie back and flow , lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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