May 25th 2016 Energy


light trails 4

Good Morning and how is every one ? So this week has been a bit of a mixed bag of energy so far and it may be leaving some of you feeling a little discombobulated. This often happens when the energy has this still quality to it.


Still rather calm energy is often misinterpreted and can make you feel a little down or sad when it is just stillness. It is a calm solid and stable settling of energy. We need to integrate this energy into our systems as much as possible as it is a fabulous grounding baseline energy.


There is much to come that may seem rather destructive , although just paving the way for construction, and for this we need a certain base level of calm and stability.


This strong still and calm energy also helps us to release deep seated issues. Think of it like crusty pans soaking in the sink, as the detergents works its way into the stuck on food and lifts it off. So this is very useful energy, use it but remember we have free will so although the energy can bring your issues to the surface it is up to you whether you release or whether you hold on tightly.


For some this energy is interpreted as the calm before the storm, which implies troubles ahead. Try and step back and adjust your viewpoint, it means change ahead but that is not a bad thing, it can mean challenges ahead but again this is not a bad thing, challenges are when we really get to see how strong and awesome we are, they are also amazing learning experiences and life is never the same after a challenge like this and that is good thing.


Ah I can also feel and big surge in love coming this afternoon, welcome this in, love is eternal and infinite and it is what powers us, embrace it and let it flow freely through and around you.


There are also messages everywhere for us and we cannot underestimate the cheering squad we have in spirit, you just have to look for it, or be open.


So when you feel a bit odd, don’t let your mind assume or fill in the blanks, step back and really feel into the energy, what is it you are feeling…it may not be what you think.


So no matter how hard you may feel life is right now remember you chose to be here at this particular time in our history, why ? Because you have the skills that are needed right now, this is where you are on your path and you can rock this!


It is a magical time in deed, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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