An Experiment in Acceptance & Harmony

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November 29th 2014

Journal Entry and Post



I was walking in the woods when I was stung by stinging nettles as I looked at the white bumps rising on my skin I started to analyse the process. So I was reacting to this plant, this plant and I were not in harmony, the result would be a rash and pain. My body was rejecting this plant, fighting it.


I then thought I control my reactions and I control how harmonious my energy system is with my environment, I also have the power to say when I do not accept something in my lie. I looked at my arm, the nettles and thought this is all energy.


So I pondered how do I bring this into harmony?  I accept the nettle, I embrace the nettle (energetically) So I sat for a few moments opening my heart and allowing the nettle in, allowing it to express itself I visualised our energy becoming compatible, I removed all resistance. I also stated I do not accept this pain and reaction.


Then in front of my eyes the white rash disappeared!


This whole exercise took just a minute or two.


This exercise can be applied in every area of your daily life, so much that we just accept because it has always been so but that is no longer the case. We are aware now that we are able to change our responses to everything and also the very fabric of our reality. We write the script so it’s up to us how that plays out.


Start with the little things like a stinging nettle and work your way up, it really is a miracle to behold and it will certainly get you believing. Once you believe you are there!


Have fun, play around with this, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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