May 23rd 2016

May 23rd 2016


Good Morning, there is a stillness to the energy that came in yesterday, which is a bit like a blanket being pulled over the world. The energy is still there and active, it is not subdued but it is quiet.


It feels like a private day, a day of quietly getting on with things, this does not mean that you need to be alone but you may find those with hyper energy a little grating today. Hush is the word.


The energy around is working on a deep level going in to our minds and our past, gently bringing anything for release up to the surface. Allow this to happen, it is like bubble gently rising to the surface, just let it happen but don’t underestimate the impact of this. It may feel gentle and natural but it is dealing with some deep rooted stuff.


Today is a great day to ponder and let your mind wander when you are doing other physical activities, you may just join the dots in a different way this time and create a whole new future, the key is to let your mind float freely.


If we flow with this energy we have the opportunity to shed many layers.


So connect and then lay back and float down river today, you may be surprised where you end up, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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