May 22nd 2016 Energy

May 22nd 2016 Energy


Good Morning, there has been a slight drop in the intensity of the energy this morning, although it is still an active energy and will support you getting things done, it is not such hyper energy as yesterday.


The energy over the last couple of weeks has been really up and down, one minute it is strong active go conquer the world and the next it is quiet hushed energy , time to withdraw. Don’t worry about this too much it will settle down. It is related to a gateway event that occurred on the 5th of May , an energetic bridge of sorts. I will feel into this later and post what I see.


So although you may feel a little up and down or tossed around on a sea of emotions, try and flow with it but more importantly you need to ground, this has to be a daily event and anytime you feel yourself a little heady, or unreasonably fearful, then ground again.


Release and cleansing is also an very important daily practice and a lot of the energy around is very sticky, the people around us that are going into fear will throw out more and more energetic cords to make themselves feel safer, so you may find that you are covered in these cords, especially if you are seen as strong wise or calm. Cut these daily, they are of no benefit to anyone. Send love when you cut them though.


When the energy falls in this way, use it, go within and process your fear, this is very important. As the world begins to deconstruct, lots of people will fall into fear, those in fear will try and pull everyone into fear with them, so the last thing you want is to be triggered and join them.


Ah I just felt the energy of gratitude come in, this is a wonderful energy. It is important to be grateful for all the wonderful things we have in our lives, even those that we perceive as awful or harsh are also a gift an deserve our gratitude.


Make a list of all the things that you are grateful for and in future express your gratitude in the moment. I am grateful for the sea and the beach and how close I am to them, the amazing food I am able to eat and the miracle that is life. I am grateful for my dogs and their love, the house I live in and the fact I have everything I need. I am grateful for my friends and my family and how funny and loving they are and they make my life feel so full. I am grateful for the rain, the sun, the wind, I am grateful for change and variety and I am grateful for you , I feel your presence, your energy and your growth and am grateful for that connection. There is so much if not everything to be grateful for so start writing.


We so often focus on what we don’t have, or what is missing that we miss how awesomely wonderful our lives really are, we need to process this and appreciate what we have as the energy of lack, loss etc will trigger you into a cycle of frustration and pity. To have gratitude will also help you dodge all the people that are getting triggered, it will feel like living in a pinball game dodging the flying balls, which is why we need every tool in our bag.


So be aware of the energies that are around, don’t fight them use them, it will help you in your day.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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