JOURNAL ENTRY Meditation 30th July 2012

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JOURNAL ENTRY Meditation 30th July 2012

My physical body speaking with my light body.

Telling me that I can go most places with my physical body that I currently use my light body…including the energy balancing work that I do with the collective conscious. I use my light body as it takes less of a toll on my physical body, is easier and there is less sickness

The light body is for astral travel and is actually my astral body. Quantum travel is different and is about time lines


I guard took me to the collective consciousness which I question and he said that security has been upped because of the Olympics. Dark things were occurring and everything was stepping up a level. The dark side are using the energy of the Olympics for their means, I said but isn’t it a collective energy, everyone coming together, isn’t that good for the light side. Yes it is but they can access it too as it heightened emotion they are feeding from. He told me to look in the papers but for the small stories tucked away, foreign news, whilst the world’s eyes were looking at the Olympics bad things are happening elsewhere. Death energy around here a lot

I asked the guard if there was anything else he could tell me and he showed me lots of images, fighter jets going into battle, it was hot, desert like climate..Syria around where scot is, the Persian Gulf, men in sand battle dress and Arabs in their garb

I went into the collective consciousness and did my stuff…as I was in the bath I could hear my breathing a lot more and noticed how much my breathing changes depending on what I am doing, its deep and slow and quiet as I am aligning, my energy and going in, then when the consciousness stream goes through me it get faster and louder and deeper esp. on the out breath. Then it speeds up some more expelling hard when I am starting to generate kundalini, I keep this up every time I breathe out fast the kundalini rises up my spine, I keep doing this until it flows over the top of my head down into my eyes and then back down the pranic tube continuing the cycle, then the laboured breathing stops and I feel the energy growing of its own accord until it expands filling the whole room, everything is in balance

I then went and spoke to my higher self, she just told me to merge with her and I would know everything I would need to know, it was odd when we merged cos I felt a bit like a puzzle piece slotting in that was an exact replica of the whole.

I felt that Richie is ill but he will get better that it is part of our journey together, I can heal him, but he said that he is fine if I don’t. I was then taken to R at home and I encased the whole house in a healing bubble it was iridescent in that it was pearlised like a washing up bubble with all the colours of the rainbow in it…this was a healing bubble, all energy that entered would only be healing and positive and would be amplified. I could see the positive energy swirling around the house. Then I saw a triangle/pyramid sitting in the house within the bubble this amplified the energies even further and drew healing energy into the house. In the middle of this I then saw my symbol and it was spinning up and down and round and I saw R lying on his couch right in the middle of it.


Then I went back and my physical body was still waiting for me


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