May 21st 2016


May 21st 2016


Good Morning and I hope everyone is well. Sleep patterns should begin to regulate again next week but in the meantime don’t fight it, if you are sleeping more or less just go with it and try and put to one side you expectations ….don’t expect to feel tired.


So how is everyone getting on grabbing their life with both hands? Are you dreaming your dreams of a bliss filled life? Are you listening to your intuition and acting on it? If not then ask yourself why not.


I see so many people around me truly letting go in search of what makes their heart sing and it is a beautiful thing to see. To ask someone how they are and to get a beaming reply, you can see the happiness bursting out. There is a common thread, they are happy not because of a promotion or more money, not because they are moving house or even a great holiday, they are happy as they have TIME, time to just be.


Having time then allows more perspective on their life and I see that they identify negativity and remove it from their lives or remove them from it. Time gives us that space to see.


So this weekend the energy is there to start pruning your life, what do you do out of expectation and duty, yours and others. Where do you put others first at the detriment of your own health? Often others put on us out of habit or ease rather than necessity …there is a saying if you want something done ask a busy person, this is because they will get it done, just another item added to the list of their frantic life, without the space of time they often fail to stop and say NO I can’t do this or I don’t want to.


The energy of clarity is coming in strongly and know that whatever conversation you need to have will be heard, even if they pretend they don’t.


It is time to reclaim your space, after all no one has taken that from you, you gave it away. No one can make you do anything that you don’t want to do and it is time to stop putting off till tomorrow things that could make you smile today.


Remember the aircraft analogy, there is a problem with the plane and oxygen masks are needed. Do you put the masks on your loved ones first and then die before you can put your own on, or do you put your own on first that enables you to help your loved ones and then others and you don’t have to needlessly die? This is not being selfish and no one needs to be a martyr, so check your programming about this.


Same goes with the mind-set that you are happiest helping others, it doesn’t matter about you, you are just happy when everyone else is happy. This is not true, this points to issues with yourself worth etc. How can you be happy if you don’t get your needs met, how can you be in balance if you push down your desires?


Once you fall in love yourself and respect and nurture yourself then the love respect and nurture you have for others expands infinitely. You think you cared before, once from this place you have a universal love flowing within that knows no bounds.


So my lovely friends get pruning, there is a lot in your life that is just baggage. Remember nothing is done to you, you are not a victim of either person or circumstance. If it’s in your life it’s because you have either invited it or accepted it, so you ask it to leave.


Look at this over the weekend, whatever no longer serves you needs to leave. It could be a thought idea project person environment job. Don’t be afraid to let go…..the world never stops spinning.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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