May 20th 2016



Good Morning, today is a day to succeed, to overcome hurdles, to make your mark! The energy is strong and clear. If truth is on your side then you will triumph.


Now truth can be rather subjective, so this is not about right or wrong, this is about your heart truth, what is true for you, these are fundamental truths, being true to who you are , being true to the laws of nature, coming from a place of love and compassion.


When creating your life if you come from these places then you will succeed but this has to go to the core of you. For example if you set someone free so that they come back to you or with the intention or desire that they come back to you, they wont. You have to set them free so they can be free and what they chose to do with that freedom is up to them.


If you have too many clauses rules or conditions in the creation of your dreams then they will never get off the ground…… creating and co-creating in this paradigm are not like they were before. We do not need to have strict control over everything, we need to daydream and then follow those dreams.


Remember as a child on those long hot car journeys, where you imagination would take you places were the rules of this world didn’t apply? Go back to that ! That was our training for this life, we need to remember.


Much of our journey has been about remembering past lives and the skills and lessons we had learned. Now is a culmination of all that we have learned. What is important now, today, is what we have learned in this life and the most important period is our childhood. We believed in magic, the impossible, time was of no consequence, we lived in the now and rarely held a grudge


Revisit your childhood, get back into that skin….remember the magic, remember how everything was so fresh and exciting, remember what was important and what just slipped on by.


So today my beautiful friends go and be empowered, , step forward into your power and take the reins of your life….how is this going to play out for you?


Have a wonderful and wonder filled day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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