Journal entry 8/11/12


Chestnut trees

This was a meditation I did for a client who was having energy issues around her home, after some investigation it was an issue to do with the wood that bordered her home……

I first of all connected remembering that I had to get that source strong before I could travel, or I would be using my own energy…I didn’t realise this at first connected quickly then tried to jet off in my light body, but it kept pinging back until I realised that my generator had no kicked in properly and I had to get that going so it could just be maintained as my consciousness was going to be elsewhere. Cheers lesson learned…I feel now after it although the usual daze as my energy body and consciousness is still coming into the 3d I do not feel drained in any way.

So off I went and was drawn straight away to the neighbour’s house…it was shown to me all dark and spooky almost like a cartoon. There was not a good vibe, I made sure my protection was strong and I was shown that I was in a gold bubble but a very strong one. They couldn’t detect me, I peered through the window and it was just really odd, it didn’t seem real, I felt no real interest in it though but I saw a black darkness over it and its boundary including the wood, it just felt black. I walked back by the woods and felt the darkness the deadness, I didn’t feel threatened but I didn’t like it. I started putting a bubble of protection around the house; it was pink which interested me. It was emanating unconditional love, this again surprised me, and then I saw that it was emitting it, so those that came to it would feel that, inside the pink bubble was a gold bubble much closer and high protection.

I was then inside the house and did an energetic clearing. Pulsing the energy in my body I let it shine out, it was golden, I kept ramping up the energy then it blasted out in the brightest golden light, getting into every corner, I was blasting out so much old and dark energy, then I started to see flowers growing outside and everything was bright sunshine in the golden bubble.

I went outside and went into the wood, as I walked in I hugged the first tree. The tree was black and cold and stiff I saw my golden light start to work its way up the trunk in a gold thread. I then felt the tree begin to come alive. We are bound; we cannot communicate with any of our other trees. Trees are a collective and can communicate with any tree anywhere in the world. I hugged the tree tighter; I know what it is like to be cut off from your collective. I spoke with the tree, saying how I knew what wise old beings they were and how we have some much to learn from them. I got a strong image of the tree I hugged in the park with Tanya; it was talking to me, heart to heart. Then I don’t know which tree said it but one of them said, she has the heart of a tree. I remembered we did connect our hearts that day and now not just that tree in particular but all trees are connected to me through my heart. I wanted to cry, I felt the connection. As I was giving them my energy they were able in that instant to connect with their entire collective. Sadly it all stopped the moment I pulled away my energy but I went round as many of them as I could give them some energy. I felt that the trees were empty…with no heart…vampire trees and then I realised that was what the couple were, not vampires as in Dracula, well I didn’t think so , more energy vampire. I did not know what I could do
long term and felt for now that was not a concern.

They said we all help each other, my tree said, you came to me for help and I come to you. I gave my help gladly, I then put a pink blanket over the wood just to give it some peace and ease, I found that the blanket went right over the black house too……I got the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance for the couple in the house, they had lost their way and become intoxicated on their own power, they get a huge thrill from everything they do and have become very dark however the only way to deal with that is light and love hence the unconditional love blanket.

The next thing I found myself reaching up and pulling a golden strand of energy from the sky it had a big hook on it and I threw it into the ground where it tethered….of course I thought I’m an energy worker think bigger, so I was grabbing these strands and anchoring them all over the wood. I could see the light beginning to feed the roots. I then felt very uncomfortable in deed and knew that I had been rumbled and time to get out of dodge. I said to the trees I don’t know how long that will last but I will be back to see you all again, we communicated so much more but it’s a heart language that cannot be translated.

I then felt the journey of my light body back into my physical body…. I could feel this occurring in stages or layers.

After this meditation there was a shift in the energy for the client, although it was not permanent and I had to do further work and the client eventually moved. I still visit those trees and made a connection in that meditation that changed my relationship with trees forever heart emoticon M xxxx



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