Commitment & Consent



When I am ready to be shown the next step on my path, or I am ready to commit to learning new skills I go into meditation and state my intent and my consent.


Both intent and consent are important. My stating our intention, we are making a commitment to follow through. This is no longer an idea but it will be backed up by action.


By giving consent we are opening up to receiving the lessons or visions that we ask for. We have so many programmes and conditioning that limits us, directly giving consent bypasses this. Also nothing can happen in our reality without our consent, the problem we have is that consent can be given by the unconscious mind, which is why it is so important to live consciously and to be constantly seeking to widen your conscious awareness……which is spirituality in a nutshell really.


By doing this in a meditation you are taking it one step further, you are now taking this directly into other dimensions and creating the intention energetically, this acts like an antennae. You and the antennae are vibrating at the same frequency and it draws in similar energy to help you.


When we state our intention that we are ready, we have to make sure that we are because lessons will begin almost immediately.


Once something is created energetically you are then able to bring it into the world of matter!


Doing this grounds the idea into your reality, too much of this world exists in ether and is not grounded in reality or action. For example much is lip service never backed up by action. People promise things they never back up or follow through on, people send greeting thoughts and sympathies that they don’t mean, roles and costumes are adopted for who they want to be rather than who they are.


There is a whole layer of society that is this fake and not grounded in any constructive reality….a bit like artificial spray cream, it has no substance just full of air but it looks very pretty.


So if you wonder why your wishes or dreams don’t seem to make it to reality then look at your grounding, look at whether this exists in your mind or whether you have made that commitment and given your consent.


If you find that you have an issue with consent then do some processing work on balancing your ego, also look at your conditioning, those programmes that restrict us.


Action Action Action my friends, love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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