May 19th 2016 Energy

May 19th 2016 Energy

light trails 4

Good Morning, so how is everyone, their mood and their energy levels this morning? We should all begin to notice a lift in both these as the day progresses.


The last couple of weeks have been a bit sticky energetically, lots of uncovering and revealing of issues, followed by down times, head back to our cave or under our duvet times.


It may have felt like you were on the edge of something or the start of something but then nothing would happen, leaving you feeling a little deflated or anxious.


It was just part of the process and if you start a journal you will easily be able to see the patterns of your process.


So the energy shifted yesterday into a more active/doing energy, although more just as an idea, a fore thought to get us ready. If I have decorating to do I have to mentally prepare myself the day before or I never get it done…..the energy is a bit like that, just a heads up to say ok you are in your cave and you have been thinking, remembering, releasing and dreaming but get ready as it will soon be time to put your money where your mouth is.


We have felt as though we have been bumbling along, going with the flow, it has all been pretty mellow for a while and then last week happened and it felt like everything was going a bit icky, then it felt as though everyone withdrew and now we are becoming active again.


So if you feel like doing something do it, if an idea crosses your mind, get up and put it in action, not in a heady rush but in a planned action.


This is strong steady active energy. This is not an energy that flits around the edges this is a direct to the core energy. I just got an image of giants and fairies setting up a circus tent. The giants steadily pick up the massive tent poles which are tree trunks and arrange them for the tent canopy. There is no fuss, no drama, they just do what they do,  that is the energy we have around today. No fuss no drama just get on and do it and do it till it’s finished!


Become the achemist today, turn thought into action, energy into matter.


Creating action grounds us and this is very important at the moment, I still feel that some of you do not have a good grounding technique to use daily and often find yourself floating around like an untethered balloon. Although this feels great and is a great escape from the density of this world, it is not where you need to be, yes dip in and out but bring that energy in and ground it, we belong on this earth….that was our mission and we chose to accept it J


Being Human rocks, it really is such a Universally unique experience ……we need to experience that.


SO go be an active participant in your life, you may feel a bit sun  blind after so much time in your cave, so baby steps. But know this, everything is going to be ok, things may seem confusing or scary at times but that is change, look to flipside and see this is exciting. We are pioneers, so today explore your world, not from your arm chair but with your actual body …lots of love and laughter michele xxxxxx


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