May 18th 2016 Energy


May 18th 2016 Energy


Good Morning, The energy report is rather late this morning as I slept long and deep last night, a rather regenerative sleep I feel.


It is time to get organised but in a non-controlling , going with the flow kind of way haha.


What I mean by that is it’s time to look at the foundations of your life, what is it built on?


We have the energy of clarity and insight coming in fast this morning, the blinkers are coming off and it is time to see if you really want to. Of course it is our free will whether we look or not.


As we move through the year we are going to be creating our reality more and more, this is going to be great fun but also some trial and error in there.


However to be free to create something solid and stable we need to attend to the foundations first. We need to look at these with a clear and unbiased eye. Are these foundations that we can build infinite storeys on ?


If our foundations are mixed with too much need or dependency they are likely to crack at some point, the same if they are built with lies or deceit.


Sometimes we do need a temporary fix with our foundations but as long as we are honest with ourselves about this we can go back later to build it properly.


You may find that the foundations you have are really not suitable for your future plans and a little remodelling is required.


Maybe you realise that you have built your foundations in the wrong location and you need to move first and then rebuild.


Whatever you need to do, today is the day you do your first assessment.  The energy around is one of contemplation, understanding and acceptance.


I got a picture of American Pioneers in their wagons  – it is time to discover where you really want to be, where does your heart lay? If you had to make a choice of what and where you want to spend your next 10 years ……what and where would that be.


Do this as a daydreaming exercise, this is not to work out the logistics, it’s to find where your bliss lies.


The energy around today is there to help you. If you feel anxious or uncomfortable keep looking as you may be discovering things that your ego has hidden from you.


Finding our true passion beneath our social conditioning can be tough….hence these awesome energies. Flow with these energies they are here to guide and support us, they provide the optimum conditions or environment for us to do the inner work necessary, it really is such a gift.


Feeling the energies around also gives you a bit of a heads up about what is coming up next.


I really would recommend that you all try to connect and read these energies, they are very useful! Maybe after reading my post you could sit for 5 minutes, breathing deeply and ask for the energies to present themselves to you and then just note any feeling visions or sensations that you get.


Also remember that we are navigating dense energy of fear generated at ground level, if you keep getting to know all these energies you will soon be able to distinguish between them. Practice is the key with everything….it makes the confusing understandable.


So have a wonderful day, note any reactions you may have to the revelations you  receive, so that you can process later….you may need to do some dancing too, to shake up the discontinuity energy that you may have in your life.


If anyone has any questions or any topics you would like me to look at and post my response then please send a message, we will keep it all confidential. If I can help clarify any matter or give you tips how to deal with it, then I would be happy to do so. Also know that your question will have been asked silently by many others.


Have a wonderfully revealing day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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