Travelling as a child

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I was incredibly motion sick as a child; I couldn’t even travel for 2 miles without being sick. This must have driven my parents mad and I know it disgusted my brothers…..they made that perfectly clear.


I don’t think my sickness was helped by my father constantly puffing on a Marlboro, my mother’s extremely overpowering perfume, the hot vinyl seats, my bothers talking about eyeballs and guts, my dad thinking he was driving in The Sweeny and the constant background of Dolly Parton.


However the main thing I remember from these early years was my absolute confusion as to why we needed to travel by car or boat or plane in the first place.


I can recall crying to my mother as she was dosing me up with more medication (the doctor would eventually prescribe me liquid Valium) “but mum if we just close our eyes and think of where we need to be then when we open our eyes we will be there” Wouldn’t that be lovely she would reply, patting me on the head.


I really couldn’t work that one out, I felt I was suffering greatly yet my parents were putting me through this unnecessarily.


From a young age I understood the power of the mind that you could create things in your mind and it would come into your reality.  It was through my intense travel sickness and the hard-core drugs the doctor wanted me to take that I discovered how my mind could control my body, something that has served me well over the years.


So at the time I thought my parents were either wicked or a bit stupid for driving everywhere, now I see like most people they had just forgotten. How I believed we could travel as a child is how I often travel as an adult……Astral Travel!


The first time my mother tried to give me Valium my mouth clamped shut and I refused to take it. I didn’t know what Valium was I but everything felt wrong, I had the same reaction with cow’s milk.


I asked my mother what the Valium would do, she replied it will make you go to sleep for the whole journey, I replied ok I can do that, how long is the flight. 2 hours 40 minutes she replied, ok, I said. I then started breathing slowly and deeply taking me to my safe imaginary place. It is that space between day dreaming and sleeping.


I would remain in that space for 2 hours 40 minutes, waking up refreshed. My mother was pretty amazed until the flight home when we were delayed on the runway for 3 hours, I woke up after 2.40 and promptly began throwing up, that was enough for my mother to forget what I had achieved on the flight out. I however did not forget and continued to explore what my mind and body could do.


So from age 10 onwards I was testing my body to see what it could do, regulating my body temperature came next, this is easy and I loved games lessons for this reason. We would all stand on the hockey field in our short skirts with our games mistress in full on winter clothing, so I just imagined I was in her body, that I was wearing the clothes she was wearing, that I was warm and toasty.


When I used to go clubbing I would imagine the opposite and a friend remarked once, why is it that we are all hot and sweaty and you look like you are just casually sat in your living room.


In my late teens I started playing around with changing your body shape with the power of thought. A close friend and I decided to see if we could grow our breasts, being slim girls we were both an a/b cup at the time, within around 2 months we had grown to a full c cup, something we still talk about and laugh about today.


I eventually stopped being travel sick and the only time I experienced it in adult hood was when I first began to astral travel and also when I first began cross the dimensions. This is a vibrational thing, when crossing dimensions you need to vibrate at the same frequency ….a bit like getting your timing right when Double Dutch Skipping.


My poor parents, no wonder my mother was always telling me to get that look off my face, knowing how my face is an open book, it was probably saying….what are you mad and looking generally confused or disappointed.


However never was my learning curve as steep as when I had my son and the following 22 years….a true gift.


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