Let Go and Flow

let go and flow


It really is that easy, however after lifetime of holding on, letting go is tough. I have seen this often when people are dying, they know they are dying and they are even ready to go but they don’t as they just can’t let go. I found that your loved ones often just needs permission, tell them that it is ok for them to let go, within a day or so they have usually passed.


The same applies to the living. Letting go is the opposite of everything that we have been taught to do since birth. It is anti – control, it is not predictable, we cannot manipulate to achieve a desired outcome. It isn’t safe, well not according to an out of place Ego.


Letting go implies giving up responsibility for your life, dropping out, being a hippy or using it as an excuse to opt out.


Letting go however is the only way to get into the flow. The Universal flow where you are carried along in the flow of life, this allows you to sit back and see what is going on. You are able to grab the opportunities as they float by. It helps you to sit back and say Que Serra when your plans don’t go to plan, in fact gets you to throw away your plan book.


When we let life flow good things happen. The Universal Flow/Energy seeks harmony and balance, we are unable to fully comprehend the intricacies’ and interconnectivity of the universe and could therefore never predict and control better than the universe can present the opportunities to us and it is only when in flow we are able to seize these.


Think of it like a football stadium, you don’t know you are at a football stadium, you have been given a pair of nail scissors, you have blinkers on so can only see 1 square foot in front of you and you have been asked to cut the grass. From this point of view you have absolutely no conception of the task at hand but you think you do. Your senses are telling you that you have 1 square foot of grass to cut but that is not the reality. You don’t feel you are getting anywhere or you seem to be repeating the same action again and again. Just when you feel you have completed the task you see that the 1 square foot of grass needs cutting but you could have sworn you had already done it.


Cutting the grass in this way is frustrating confusing never ending boring and a little soul destroying. Some may cut faster and faster to get it done, some may use memory aids to mark how much grass has been cut. Some will just lie down and go to sleep as it all seems impossible and a little pointless.


A few however will think hang on, stand up, take the blinkers off, have a stretch and a look around, see the lawnmower in the corner and the immense area to be cut, put the two together and seize the day.


So don’t think of letting go as giving up, or giving away responsibility think of it as opening up and expanding.


Going with the flow is courageous and liberating; it strengthens your connection with the universe as it shows ultimate trust and faith.


So my lovely friends just when you feel like holding on, it is time to let go


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx



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