May 16th 2016

May 16th 2016


Good Morning, I hope that you are all well, so we have started our new weekly cycle and it is time for a fresh step forward. Last week was tough, for many it felt like running the gauntlet, hits and strikes at every turn, maybe it felt like everyone was out to get you.


For others it made them feel sad and vulnerable, weak and tired, with a brain fog. Or you felt angry and irritable, everything annoyed you and everyone got in your way.


It was a week of broken promises, missed appointments, angry confrontations and emotional memories coming to the fore.


Although this has dropped in intensity this week it is something that we all need to get a handle on because cycles like these are going to keep happening. To stop being at the mercy of these cycles we need to have a good processing technique and this involves processing consciously.


There is a reason that we react or experience these cycles the way we do and our job is to discover how we react and why, we can follow this to the root cause, process and then release.


We will also experience these cycles differently depending on where we are on our path. For example if you felt weak and vulnerable, then it would have been more important for you to retreat to your cave. It was not the time to go forth into the world creating , it was a time to rest, to allow lessons learned to be integrated, it was a time to just be, allowing whatever  needed to settle to do just that, these quiet moments are often introspective and followed by deep eureka moments.


If you were angry or frustrated then look to what is triggering you, you have a deep seated issue that needs your attention, it has nothing to do with the trigger of your irritation, that is but a sign post.


There is a reason for everything but also these are great cues for you to see where you are and what you need to consciously do.


Making the unconscious conscious is very important right now and a tool we will be using a lot, it is also why coming together in groups and sharing your experiences is so valuable.

I feel a big rush of energy is going to be coming in around Wednesday and this is the energy of truth, so work on whatever you need to over the next couple of days as this energy will certainly blow your hair back.


I love love love this energy, it is strong crisp and beautiful blue. It is fluid like water yet hard like steel. Sometimes I see it a little like Excalibur.


The truth is your friend, the truth will help you clear your path. Along with truth comes integrity and discernment.


So get ready my friends, if you have something to say Wednesday is the day. I can also feel that courage will be coming in later today.


Get outside and ground today also, this is very important, make it part of your daily routine, I ground every morning in the shower. We need that grounding or it is easy to get knocked off your feet or to feel dizzy and a little sick. The energy around is not like we have seen before, it a bit like a battle between the energy coming in from the universe, the energy being generated amongst people and then the energy being directed at us by those in power.


So read these reports and others for general guidance but turn within to see how this fits with you, how does this apply to you, does it apply to you, are you feeling this or are you feeling something else. How does this fit with your story. Then ask yourself again on Wednesday and you may have revealed where you are lying to yourself, make the unconscious conscious but take a deep breath as some things may shock you. We are absolute masters at deceiving ourselves so take the helping hand on Wednesday and see.


Have a wonderful day and remember everything that happens in your life is a good thing, it is progress and you are moving on your path, if you go with the flow. If you decide to stick your heels in the mud, ignore the signs and believe the narrative you tell yourself, then you have to understand that too is a choice .


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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