May 15th 2016 Energy

IMG_3255.JPGMay 15th 2016


Good Morning, after a rather tumultuous week, things are beginning to settle down, Although the reason for the stir up was important. Deep rooted or long forgotten issues were brought to the surface.


Issues that push your buttons or put a fire in your belly were brought into your face. It was at times uncomfortable, frustrating and infuriating as well as fear -inducing and rather depressing. This was necessary to bring everything into the light.


So how did you do? Did you see these issues in the light of day, processing them there and then or putting to one side to process later, or did you react, going into fear or anger? Did you repeat your trigger cycles , dragging yourself down into the drama and density of base energy?


Or maybe you withdrew, feeling vulnerable and wounded, this is fine sometimes we do need to retreat but how do you feel today? If you still feel like retreating then you are owning that energy and it is time to get up and shake it off. You don’t need to be around people but you do need to get out in nature, connect and ground.


I go to the beach daily and see so much change but one thing that is always guaranteed is that whatever is going on globally on a human collective level is also reflected in nature. The beautiful Earth is also going through the same changes and ascension as us and it is comforting to see this, we really are all in this together.


So for the last week the sea has been rough, the tides very high, the beach has been strewn with detritus, it looks like the sea has literally swept its ocean floor and dumped all its rubbish on the beach. I have never seen so much litter and debris, it was very interesting to look at it all, even the rubbish had a story to tell. Amongst this apparent dump was treasure too, shell and stones rarely seen in this location were also washed up, some amazing and varied sea weed was on display. All of it was a gift from the sea.


I decided to wait until the sea energy had changed before I went and cleaned the beach, otherwise a rather pointless action, rather like a favourite saying of my mothers, “tidying up whilst the children are young is like shovelling snow when it’s still snowing”


So yesterday I felt the energy change and headed to the beach with my bin bag only to find the beach smooth and clean, the sea was rough but with a controlled energy, the cleanse had been done, the sea bed was swept clean and everything dumped on the beach for all to see. Treasures were delighted in and kept, the rubbish was explored to find its origins and the story of its journey and then when all done it was washed away leaving a pristine beach as though nothing had happened, only the energy of the sea told the story.


This is what we have all been through this week.


There has also been a significant energy shift in the last week or so, I feel since the 5th May. I am not sure what it is yet but it has triggered fear in a lot of people and this is expressed and even felt in a variety of ways.


The choices we make are important, make them consciously, look back over this last week and assess where you went into fear, where you were triggered and what you were being shown.


More importantly is to start each day energetically fresh, dip your toe in the water and feel the day, often we bring the baggage of yesterday into our new day and that just confuses things.


So feel it today……as I sit here I feel into the energy around me and this is what I experience. The strongest energy I sense is big fat and fuzzy, it is green with a smooth strong sleek and shiny inner cord which is a darker green and then the outer fuzzy sheath is a lighter green. It smells and even tastes of cucumber. It is a light energy not dense or sticky….think cucumbers and limes. It is grounding and inspiring with a soothing calming element…..almost aloe vera but not quite.


So although we can view weeks like the last one as something to get through or survive, it is more than that, so look for what you learned.


Have a wonderful day lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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