My Ego and I

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My Ego and I


Let me introduce you to my Ego, a rather funny little chap, why I identify him as male I am not sure. Many years ago Inelia Benz taught us that we should identify with our ego as we would an elemental, this was a fabulous piece of advice and since then I have developed a great relationship with my Ego and now we work incredibly well with each other.


The ego is very misunderstood and poorly treated , I hope after this article you may see your ego in a slightly more favourable light. Once you understand you ego it is fairly easy to soothe and balance it.


When we say to people, that is your ego talking or you are all ego at the moment, this is often interpreted as You are so full of yourself, you are selfish or self- serving, arrogant etc. Some people wrongly assume that we need to get rid of the ego or to have no ego is actually a desirable thing and means that you are kind and in service to others, this is so wrong. I don’t often say things are right or wrong as so much is a matter of perspective or interpretation but this is wrong.


Our ego’s are amazing and awesome and this is how I see my ego:


My ego (and yours) is our interpreter between our conscious and unconscious worlds, he is the bridge between the different dimensions and as such is the font of our creativity, our ego is our alchemist, he can transform dreams into reality.


Our ego is also the mediator between our ultimate childlike self and our authority figure self.


My ego is funny, totally responsible for my childish humour but also my flashes of inspiration and creativity, my ego thinks outside of the box as it does not exist in any box, how can it when he spans the conscious and unconscious realms.


The problem that has occurred is this, we took this carefree expansive and creative spirit and said oh you are our translator, you can make sense of this world, Ok you are in charge. Your HQ is the mind. This poor little creative spirit then had the weight of the world on their shoulders, they could no longer run free exploring and discovering, he was stuck in a box…the mind and he was responsible for everything……Whoa this is huge. So this little guy freaks out, all his balls are in the air and he has no clue what to do. So maintaining the status quo become the mantra, this involves huge amounts of control over your environment and other people, to maintain the status quo you need to be able to control what is going on around you to ensure this happens.


The Ego is so overwhelmed with the day to day stuff that he can no longer see the bigger picture, he has no time to bridge the dimensions. The ego is holding on for dear life and everything is being restricted. This begins to make you feel bad so the ego is appeased one way or another, some people become martyrs, unnecessarily denying their own needs for others. Some people become more angry and fear losing control so put in more controls and limits.


Other people become totally fixated on meeting their own needs often at the expense or the exclusion of others.


Whenever the ego is under stress in this way, the reality of a persons actions are often blind to them, it is why people with an unbalanced ego often seem hypocritical, their actions may be blatant to those around them but they cannot see it…….the ego needs to maintain the status quo, whatever that may be. It is also why they sometimes appear to be on a self- destructive path.


So for one moment imagine this, you go away on holiday and you suddenly find yourself on stage in front of thousands of people, in front of you are 12 plates spinning on sticks and you have to keep them all spinning, in front of a clapping but also jeering audience. You have no idea how long you have to do this for, you don’t really know where you are or why all you know is you have to keep spinning those plates! That is how you ego feels in the job it has been given.


The HQ is not the mind and the boss is not the Ego, the HQ is your HEART and the boss is your HEART. One you move your centre of operations to your heart and relieve your ego of its position then you can begin to restore balance but also your creativity, your access to the collective consciousness also increases significantly as the ego has a season pass.


The heart is an awesome leader and once you are here you will feel something the ego could never truly give you and that is to feel safe secure and home.


So meet your ego, make friends and hi five that little dude as he is pretty awesome.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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