May 14th 2016 Energy

IMG_1365.JPGMay 14th 2016 Energy


Good Morning and I hope everyone is well, despite the disturbed sleep and perhaps just a general feeling of being out of sorts. Don’t dwell on this too much try and shake it off. Go for a brisk walk, dance, run play whatever you need to do to break that energy up, whatever you do don’t hold it close, don’t own it.


This is not energy we want to be tapping into or owning, this is rather suppressive energy that is not of any benefit to us. It is a fear- based energy rather than a universal energy. It is important at this time that you find what works for you when it comes to shaking off energy, as we are going to be dealing with more and more fear based energy as the changes on this planet continue. There is nothing to be afraid of so learn how to swerve it.


So once you are able to break up the slightly funky energy around at the moment, it is time to get you crayons out of the box and start creating. What are you going to do differently this time, that is the theme of now.


We don’t have to do things differently just for the sake of it, if your life is wonderful and you are living blissfully then there is nothing to do differently. However most people have had that banging their head against a wall feeling, you know what you want and you kind of know how to go about getting it but it’s just not coming together for you, or maybe it’s that feeling that you are just waiting on the final piece of the puzzle, well if that is you, then time to put everything down and take a step back, keep stepping back until you see a different viewpoint. Look at your dreams for a wonderful life and check that they are your dreams now, sometimes we can hold on to our dreams so tightly we don’t see that we have outgrown them.


Creation and Unity are the strongest energies available this year and Co-creation is what it is all about. Once we get a handle on creating our own world then we can begin to consciously co-create a world of harmony with our fellow earthly citizens. Firstly however we need to become conscious of our own creations, then we can step off the tracks which leads us to create what we expect to or are conditioned to want to create and we can go wild, creating from our heart.


It is all about the free styling, the heart doesn’t give us a time table of events, the heart expresses itself in the moment.


I also wanted to mention that we have a rather icky buzzy type energy, it seems to be working like static interference. You know that feeling you get when you are in a crowded hall and the noise levels are a rather loud buzz that fuzzes your head and you can’t seem to think clearly, it’s like that.


I am still learning how to deal with this energy, of course take a moment to breathe always helps but I will be looking into it more down the beach later and hopefully will come back and share. If anyone else has found a way to deal with this energy please share, that would fabulous.


So today is a good day to create your dream life, start sowing the seeds, dip your toe in the water, have that conversation, do that research, book that ticket, make that call. Whatever it is, you know and if you don’t think you do know then have a conversation with your heart because you do know. It is time to LEAP, this is the greatest trust exercise ever, leap and trust that the universe will catch you !


Often it is only when we leap joyously off the mountain top that we are able to truly soar like an eagle and see the much bigger picture……everything comes into perspective and we often see how we focused on a minute corner of our world and excluded the infinite universal possibilities that are open to us all.


So lift yourself out of the funky energy anyway you know how, take that first step or leap into creation, do it differently this time, open your heart and trust.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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