May 13th 2016 Energy

May 13th 2016 Energy


Good Morning and I hope everyone is well, the energy today and for the weekend is rather spring like. It is time to plant our seeds, the environment is perfect for this.


For many this has been a long year so far. It has been year of letting go, facing our demons, apologising, forgiving, revealing and more importantly getting to know who you are and letting that shine from every pore. Think of it as you would preparing your garden after winter, ready for planting.


You have cleared space, you have seen the type of soil you have and you are happy with that and soon it will be time to plant your seeds and seedlings. Some idea’s, thoughts or dreams you have been nurturing for a while, maybe nobody knows, maybe the time has not been right and it was just a thought, whatever it maybe and however insignificant you may think it is, you have been nurturing and protecting this dream and this weekend is the time to start planting.


However before the planting begins in earnest tomorrow and I can feel the energy is going to come rushing in with the sunrise, it is strong, clean, clear, dynamic creative energy, we all need to get our ducks in a row today.


So today we need to think about what we want to plant, make sure this comes from the heart. We have gathered the information we need with our minds, now we need to feel with our hearts.


The energy may feel a little up and down today as once again memories from the past may flash before us, this is the reflective energy around. We are getting a chance to start a new cycle, a purely heart centred cycle and for that we need to make sure that we are not making the same mistakes of appeasing the mind or the emotions, when only decisions or creations from the heart are one size fits all.


Although it may feel a little up and down this will be in a rather gentle way. The energy today is soothing and nurturing, we have an exciting time ahead and we will need high energy for that so bear that in mind as you prepare.


As the days ahead reveal themselves we really do need to pack light and be ready to jump on opportunities as they arise and they will.


Although scary when we let go of one cycle before another begins we have that still time in between, that gap or pause in which everything slows down and we have time to integrate the lessons learned, to soar like an eagle and see the bigger picture. We have time to just things settle and to see what comes up.


So today, think about your garden, what life do you want to create, quieten the mind and listen to your heart. Take a look at the seedlings you planted earlier, this may surprise you, often the mind really does not know what the heart wants but the heart has a way of being heard and sometimes this is shown in the results rather than the process getting there.


So dream big, do not concern yourself with the road there as you will only limit yourself, that is for the universe.


So today breathe in the energy and be inspired, feel creative, dream and sit firmly in your heart as tomorrow it’s time to start your new cycle.


This is also the beginning of a long cycle, in years to come you will remember 2016 as the year it all changed……….


Have a wonderful day and I am always on hand if you have any questions.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxhappy gardener


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