May 12th 2016 Energy

May 12th 2016


Good Morning and how is everyone doing, the energy of the last couple of days has been rather heavy and emotionally laden. Have you felt rather low or lacking motivation?


Maybe you have been having flash memories from the past, little fragments of issues long forgotten or deeply buried. Allow these to come into your consciousness, don’t pick and fret at them just observe, see it for what it is and let it go, forgive yourself or anyone else if you need to.


You may have a feeling that something really bad is around the corner, this is not the case, this is just general anxiety, which sweeps the planet daily. It is also a sign that maybe your ego needs a little reassurance, it can sense change coming and gets a little panicky. Change is coming, has come, we are living in a sea of change.


Everything is good and exactly as it should be.


If you find that the news is causing you anxiety, stop watching it, I used to watch the news daily and most of the political and economic discussion programmes until I realised it was ALL propaganda, now I don’t watch the news at all. This does not mean that I live in an ignorant bubble, the news I need to know finds me.


As the days months and years progress we are going to find ourselves going through lots of these tunnels where we feel ourselves pushed squeezed and compressed, it isn’t always going to be plain sailing but there is a reason, there is a goal.


We can only unite ourselves, our masculine and our feminine, our light and shadow sides if we bring both sides into our conscious awareness and that is not an easy thing to do, especially when an unbalanced ego is screaming that you are fine and awesome as you are and there is nothing to see here.


Some will rise to the challenge and some will remain hidden, too invested in looking the other way. It is easy to spot the difference, those that are actively embracing this journey become more solitary, as after all this is an inner journey, they are excited to learn more about themselves whatever that may bring, the truth is seductive. Those who are unwilling to make that commitment at this time will draw closer and closer those around them, seeking only those that reaffirm their point of view, however limiting that may be.


So remember some days are going to feel like duvet days and that is fine, go with that, on those days know that you are going to achieve very little and that is fine, don’t put any pressure on yourself or set yourself up to fail.


Tune in to the energy, you will know when to rest and when to leap into action, push before you are ready and you most likely end up with a slap in the face.


Life is a funky dance to an amazing orchestra, there are no rules just follow the rhythm from your heart……it is an absolute hoot once you get your timing right.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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