Feeling supressed by the dense and negative energy around?

Feeling low or in a slump, this can happen a lot, when we interact with angry negative or fearful people we can have own energy supressed, especially if these are strong personalities, or we are in a closed environment such as a large corporation or a school or supermarket, the energy in these places is often really funky, which is why I cannot understand Mind Body and Spirit Fayres often being in schools or even hospitals.


Now it is important for us to have our own daily protection against energy attacks or drains from others, however it is not all about protection, we don’t want to be closed off to those around us. It is all about being part of the whole, it’s about unity so we need to find techniques that allow us to connect yet also be able to deal with this rather dense energy.


I dance sing and laugh ALL the time, not just through pure joy but also because it breaks up any dense base energy around me. It also significantly raises my own vibrations and therefore those around me.


If you don’t want to belt out a tune, then hum it, whistle it, whatever, get a little movement in there. If you are not so keen on dancing then jump up and down, star jump, whatever but get moving.


Personally I used to love star jumps especially if you put a twizzle in it, I would fall over and then really laugh, so it ticks all the boxes.


So my friends time we all lightened and loosened up, there is a lot of really dense negative energy out there, all based in fear and there is a really simple way for us to deal with this…….Laugh Sing and Dance.


So let your body feel the rhythm and dance !


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx



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