Don’t believe the hype – The world is a pretty awesome place

The world is an amazing and beautiful place filled with wonderful loving and compassionate people, so please don’t believe the hype.


I dipped into the general media to see what is going on and the fear generating machine has certainly stepped up its efforts but this is all but an illusion.


Look around you, what do you feel and see with those you actually meet, is it representative of the media?


In your daily life are you met with kindness, do people give you the time of day, do you see little random acts of kindness from one stranger to another? Really take some time to see and feel, as first you have to get beneath what you may be expecting to see…which is fed to us by the media. Yes I am sure you can see lots of the surface chaos that is going around, people with road rage, always in a hurry, stepping on top of you to get where they need to go but ignore this and go beneath. Look for the humanity it is all around and it is growing.


As the surface chaos grows and as things seems to be coming to a crisis point, the people of the world are digging deep and discovering what is the most important thing in this world and that is each other.


Everybody has had enough and stripped back we all want the same thing, an easy life with no drama or stress and time with our friends and family, TIME is what we desire, a CONNECTION is what we crave – whether that be with each other or with the earth.


Everybody is beginning to reject the superficiality and commercialism that keeps us enslaved and we are revelling in the beauty of just being, not doing or achieving but just being in our simple awesomeness. The energy we create by just being is the most beautiful as it is simple.


We naturally abhor to hurt another living being, it goes against our souls purpose and more people are reconnecting with this…..more and more people are becoming vegetarian and just being more aware of how their actions may impact on another. This is incredibly positive as at one point we were drowning in a sea of revenge…..a standard symptom of the last paradigm, if you perceived someone had wronged you in some way, and therefore took away your control, then it was perfectly understandable that you should regain that control by any means necessary…..REVENGE….perceived as having the upper hand, being back in control, putting someone in their place, revenge however is just poison for everyone….nobody wins.

I see however people putting down the poisoned chalice and focusing on their own development instead, of letting things go, of being willing to step back and see the bigger picture.

So although the Media may have us believe differently, I see an amazing world of compassion and unity and it is spreading, it is highly contagious, so when you go out today, remove your fear goggles and see the love, the compassion and the humanity. Look at the strangers laughing with each other or passing the time of day, look at the hands held out to help, look at the time being given with an open ear and a listening heart. Look at all the little gestures that say I care about you.

So as much as the media may have us believe we are all turning against each other, this is not what I see, I see us coming together. After all what we desire most is not the latest TV or Trainers we ALL want to be Loved and Understood.

The energy dropped significantly yesterday and it  is rather subdued and may leave you feeling a little depressed, so it is at times like this that it is easy to buy into the hype but remind yourself of the love that is out there.

Be gentle with yourself today, seek the beauty that is all around, if you can’t see any then shift your viewpoint until you do.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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