Is your food making you sick?



It is of great importance to ensure that we are fuelling our bodies correctly. We are ALL undergoing great physical changes as our bodies are adapting to the new higher vibrations and frequencies.

As the Earth evolves and ascends we have the choice to do the same. Providing our bodies with the correct nutrients is essential, previously we shed our physical bodies to ascend this time we are taking it with us.


However the foods we have become programmed/conditioned to eat is valueless and toxic, it is highly processed full of sugar salt, fat and loaded with chemicals. Often what we eat has moved so far away from actual food that it is more closely related to a cleaning product.


Our food is grown with chemicals, cleaned and preserved with chemicals, synthetic mass produced products replace the genuine article.


The problem is we have eaten this food for so long that we have grown accustomed to the side effects and rarely put our ailments down to the food we are or are not eating.


It is vitally important to reconnect with your physical body, then you are able to eat what your physical body requires rather than what your mind or emotions crave.


We tend to eat from habit, convenience, as a reward, through boredom or to satisfy and emotional craving.


Once you connect with your physical body you can listen to what it needs in any particular moment, you are making eating a conscious and purposeful act, this also adds to the nutritional benefits of your food.


Pregnant women are much more conscious of their physical bodies and are aware of their bodies cravings, yet our bodies are always communicating with us in this way. When we are not conscious we either don’t hear or something gets lost in translation when the mind and emotions get involved.

This is why emotional eating creates a vicious cycle. So for example if your diet consisted of a large proportion of valueless food, such as bread cakes pastry, pasta, fast food and takeaways and ready meals then your system in general will be depressed, causing a multitude of ailments, such as depression, sadness, low energy stomach issues , brain fog, lethargy, digestion and skin complaints, moodiness and emotional instability.


Our diets in the UK have been pretty poor and we have been living with these ailments for so long that we just accept them and don’t really notice them anymore as a sign of imbalance. For example it is often when we get an extra boost of energy that we realise how depleted we have been.


Many if not most people live with aches and pains that could be caused by the foods you eat or could be alleviated by foods you are not currently eating.


Our bodies are an amazingly efficient and complex system. I find when it comes to this system mine is not to question why, I just do as directed. Our physical body needs many different things at different times, for us to comprehend all of this would be a 24 hour job and then some. So just trust that your body knows and all you need to do is deliver.


Sometimes we need food for repair or construction, or for energy and strength, we use food when we need grounding and for mental and emotional processing, the list goes on. Also our physical bodies know what is coming up and prepare us for this, I always find this rather magical, I get the heads up on energy work etc that I have coming up based on the foods I crave.


Sometimes we require very little food and other times we need to pack it in. There are so may factors at play that no diet or regime suitable for all is going to work. Diets are so restrictive that they set you up to fails, furthering strengthening the emotional eating cycle.


By reconnecting and listening to your body, removing what you know about nutrition or diets and balancing your emotional relationship to food, then your diet will flow. By being conscious of the whole process, eating becomes so much more pleasurable, to be present with gratitude guarantees  a much better and deeper experience.


Eating badly for me has the same effect on my body as alcohol – a poison going into my system. The following day I will have a head ache and brain fog, I will have stomach issues and fatigue, I can write the whole day off as I am not productive, even a walk on the beach does little to shift it all I can do is wait and flush is out of my system.


Now I notice these things so strongly as they are not the norm for me but they used to be before I started the dialogue with my body. I always had a background of mild fatigue and sickness but I put this down to the general stresses and strains of life.


The other thing that is hugely important is stopping when you are full. This is a tough attachment ot break for many of us who were taught to eat everything on our plate, in the UK , the rationing and poverty of the WW is stuck in our psyche, so we need to bring this out to our conscious awareness for release. You could try taking a smaller portion and going back if you are still hungry.


As you begin listening to your body you will desire cleaner lighter goods, However this will bring up another deep seated block. That need to feel full, it is a base desire to feel satisfied, to have our needs met and then some. It requires that you continue eating after you are full. This is a temporary fix to satisfy and emotional need but you soon feel physically uncomfortable. Bring this into your conscious awareness, see it for what it is.


Your body with desire food that will quickly and efficiently release the nutrients required for the job at hand with the lease amount of energy expended. This may fly in the face of convention and this is another block to overcome. “experts” tell us that we need a certain amount of calories, certain types of food etc. Here we need to address our relationship to experts, who we often unquestioningly put more trust in than our own instincts. We are the experts on us, nobody but us knows best what we need, we just need to start listening.


So have faith in yourself, in your physical body. Learn to distinguish your physical voice from your emotional and mental, identify and release the blocks that keep you locked into a cycle of unhealthy eating, throw away everything you know about diets and trust in yourself. Baby steps are the way to go, feel you way with this one and remember if you feel yourself rushing forward that is the mind and an unbalanced ego, let this flow and develop naturally, the body afterall knows what it is doing to maintain the integrity and performance of the system, it’s time we got out of our own way.


If you need any more info on this please do not hesitate to contact me.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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