10th May 2016 energy – look back to 19th may 2013

10th May 2016 Energy

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Good Morning and I hope everyone is well, As I sat at the computer this morning, I sensed very little and no words flowed, I wrote the date 19th May 2013 Instead of todays date, so I looked up the energy posting on that day, and here it is, it is very relevant for today.


So look back to 2013, how you were then, your attitude behaviour and perceptions and how are you now, what lessons may you not have learned then that are coming back round again now.


As was the theme then and has been this year it is all about integrity and authenticity, about letting go of the past by working on and releasing your hooks.


May 19th 2013 Energy Report

Good afternoon, how has everyone been this week? Good I hope a little bit strange maybe?  There is a mixed bag of energy around at the moment and most of it, the densest kind is being generated by us and passed amongst us. This is pretty heavy and sticky energy and can bring out some pretty crabby energy in you, allow this to happen, feel it as a release rather than a drawing in. This energy is coming into your field and staying there for a reason, it is attracted to something, let that something go, just release it, and it is as easy as that. You don’t even need to understand it; you just need to feel it, to be aware that it is there. If you hold onto it you are sucking more of the same in, when you let go of it, you let it go on its way. It is important at this time that you pay attention to this and don’t get dragged down or caught up in the drama of a situation, avoid drama as much as possible at the moment, it distracts you from the important stuff and there is a lot of important stuff going on. Whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not, things are changing and ending and we are being given great opportunities here to change our lives, our reality, our future but we also have an alternative, we can do nothing, we can maintain the status quo, we can look to the past, the way things have always been and we can cling to that with the doubt that nothing can change. I know that many of you are facing these trials now and they are hard, when you are in greatest fear that is when you fall back to what is familiar, regardless of whether it is helpful. Stand tall and take a deep breath, there is nothing that you are facing here that you are not strong enough to deal with. This is a test, a trial, you can face it and you can come out the other side. It hurts more to delay it than to just get on with it, trust me I know. The greatest fear we have to overcome is the one we create for ourselves and it’s all an illusion.

Inner integrity is also very important at the moment and try and maintain this at all times, if you focus on one thing at the moment, make it that. It does not matter where you see yourself on your path or in your development, inner integrity is a constant, it is what allows you to walk calmly through the madness, a bit like a key of trust you hold for yourself. Who we are and how we show that to the world is very important at the moment on an energetic level, there appears to be much activity going on and it’s like everyone is getting into place. Not for a major event so to speak, I don’t sense that but I feel we are being called to step forward, to claim who we are. We are asking for our soul to speak, to claim our place once again in the collective…consciously. So let down all the barriers, the should and shouldn’t, the fear, surrender it all and listen to your soul/heart, it has a very strong message for you right now. There is a choice to be made and this may frighten you a little, but don’t let it, there is nothing to fear, it is exciting and rewarding, liberating and oh so much love, you just have to listen to calling.


Anyway I feel I digressed somewhat…..the energy is going to build as this week progresses and I feel that it is important to be the real you, inner integrity and all that and be open to all that happens. Leave all of your expectations at the door, you are just asking for disappointment otherwise. This week may take you back to your past, finally closing that door, or it may bring great opportunity at work or home, whatever happens go with it because everything is slotting into place and you just need to see what is there for you to see. No one else can do it for you, so see what life is showing you this week and go with it, release, embrace, retreat or celebrate whatever comes your way accept it openly and I think we are all in for a surprise at the weekend


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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