May 9th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It is the start of the week but energetically it feels like the middle.


We have lots of unfinished business still that needs wrapping up and that should occupy us for the next week or so, then I see a big cycle ending for us all and a rush of energy pushing us forward into a new cycle. It feels very spring like, fresh and inspiring but as always the choice is ours whether we jump into this or look the other way.


The energy that comes in daily is there to support and guide but it is still a choice we make, it can’t do it for us.


So the energy today carries on from the weekend, it is calm strong steady and grounded, it says we have stuff to do lets get on and do it.


It is a torch carrier lighting your way whilst you clean out your under stairs cupboard and let’s face it, it could probably do with a hoover.


Over the next few days it is a great time to get out all those old ideas, dreams and concepts of the world, do they still hold true for you today, do you still want them?  Time to unpack that bag and really look at what you have been carrying around… are most likely to find an old wrist sweat band from the 80’s, that shown the light of the day, you see will never come in useful at some point and is destined for recycling.


We need to travel light, so once again some re-evaluation is necessary, I know it feels as though you have been here before and you have but we need to keep packing and repacking that bag until it is light as a feather.


We have an exciting new world to discover and we can’t do that properly weighed down by a rucksack holding the kitchen sink and besides of all the things we may need when we get there, a kitchen sink is not it.


So do yourself a favour, tap into these energies, dig deep reflect and release. Everything is about flow and if you don’t feel that then it’s time to let go, you can’t flow when you are clinging to the side or paddling the other way.


I know leaping into the unknown can feel scary or even reckless but there really is nothing to fear but fear itself and besides it really is the only way to travel. Did you know that Gibbons can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour swinging between trees? Maybe it’s time to be a bit more Gibbon J


There is also a large dose of compassion energy and this is needed. It’s Time to have compassion for yourself and those around you. We are all being shown our past mistakes and our responsibility in positive and negatives creations in our lives and that can sometimes be a slap in the face, this is not so that we can recriminate this is so we can reconcile. Becoming aware of our negative as well as positive behaviours is a huge step forward and allows us to bring both states into our conscious awareness for balancing, we release the polarity and welcome in a balanced state.


So today we are surrounded and supported by calm strong stable energy, so go finish whatever needs finishing and do it with love….Have a fabulous day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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