May 8th 2016

Good Morning, today we have the energy of completion around us in abundance, this is different to endings, completion energy is more joyful, more triumphant.


This energy also feels very dynamic, active and purposeful, yet at the same time stable, steady and calm, the perfect end to the week.


Today is a day for you wrap up all those little jobs, big jobs, issues that have been circling your mind.


Today is the day you cut through the bull and come straight from your truth, today you will not lose your voice to appease another, today you will honest true and direct yet compassionate.


Today people will hear your truth, they may not like it but they will recognise the love and sincerity behind it.


Today you can draw on the energy from your heart, this is loving, wise, strong and true.


This is not a day of drama or ego, this is not the sudden flash of a eureka moment, this is stuff you have known for years and now is the time to stand in your power and in your truth, from this point you stand tall like a beam of light, reaching to the universe and ground deep within the earth.




The last few weeks have been getting you to this point of reflection and release, although it has been a lifetime journey,


So today tap into this energy of completion, it is time for YOU to bring things to a close, the time is right, YOU KNOW what this is. It may be one big thing or lots of little things, it may be a state of mind and a cycle of behaviour or it may be a role that you play.


For most I feel it will be standing tall and refusing to live up to the outrageous demands & expectations of others.


If your children have grown then that cycle of your life is completed, recognise this and move onto your next cycle, if your love of your job has gone, this is another completion, maybe being with a long term friend always leaves you feeling negative, look at this, has it run its course.


Nothing is permanent, everything has its season, appreciate that and allow cycles to end, allow the release for a new cycle to begin, a cycle that will push you  forth on your path, that will delight and enliven you, that will inspire and teach. Keeping hold of a cycle that is complete is valueless and restrictive.


So whatever needs completing in your life today do it, it will flow, if it doesn’t flow then for me that is usually for two reasons, my unbalanced ego has got involved and either it is telling me there is nothing to see here or it is presenting me with cycles that are masking the main event. Remember an unbalanced and in control ego will always try and maintain the status quo.


So get up and embrace the day with a calm yet assertive outlook today, tap into this energy and complete all those things that you know you need to tackle. This may present to you on every level, physical mental emotional and spiritual, it may be related to your environment too.


So have a wonderful day and enjoy the release and stillness once your completions are completed (haha)


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxcompletion


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