May 7th 2016

May 7th 2016

Good Morning and I hope that you are well, another weekend has arrived in what seems to be the blink of an eye. Time really is speeding up and has been for quite a while. However time is a rather subjective concept and one that you can play around with. You can quite easily stretch time.


I was always, always late for everything, usually by about an hour, time was tricky for me but being focused was harder, there was always so much to distract me from my task at hand.  Being late itself didn’t bother me but annoying people or disrupting their day or being wasteful of their time did.


Then I applied what I knew about intention to the subject of time. Whenever I left for a meeting, however late I always set my intention that I would arrive on time and it would work give or take 5 minutes.


The predominant energy around today is strong yet subtle, it is blue and green, one of the energies is clear sharp and quite quick and the other that I can feel is more fuzzy, slower and more gentle. Sit for a while, breathe in the energy and see how it presents itself to you. Can you feel it, see it, smell it? Everyone can feel this energy, so let it present itself to you.


So the energy is all about empowerment but in a more understated way, rather than a jumping up and down cheering committee it is more a statement of fact, “you can do this, of course you can”.


You can do achieve and create whatever you set your mind to, wherever you set your intention and that is the lesson, goal or assignment for this weekend…..see how setting your intention creates your world.


Intentions create or manifest, even if they are unconscious, so I always find that it is best to consciously create my intentions.


Imagine if you were in a restaurant and you really fancied a burger, however when the waitress came to take your order you weren’t attending to what she was saying and agree to order the house special. When your meal comes out you state I didn’t order this, I wanted a burger. You may have wanted a burger but you ordered the house special!


Setting your intentions and believing in this ability is a bit like learning to ride your bike as a child. You can ride and balance no problems but once you realise mum or dad are no longer holding you, you wobble and fall off. We are all doing this all the time but when we bring our attention/consciousness to it, we wobble and disbelieve.


So this weekend the energy supports your intention creation and manifestation, you can do this, of course you can, we all can and we all do, so let’s make this a weekend of conscious co- creation. I am building my world with love harmony and total fabulousness.


Hopefully I will write a little later about the difference between intention and attachment to outcome! Have a wonderful day create something magical


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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