May 6th 2016

May 6th 2016


Good morning, I can hear a drum beating, strong and steady, this is a call to action,  the action is dance, the energy is about expressing yourself!


Today and over the weekend it is time to express yourself with wild abandon. Really let yourself go, with no care of what others may think, no care of how this may look as you are immersed in the joy of expression.


We live in a world of can’t & shouldn’t, must and ought, it is stifling, limiting and restrictive but we seem to have forgotten how to let our self- expression tumble out naturally.


True expression is the most beautiful  sight in the world, it is inspiring and contagious and it is so very expansive, the more you do it the easier it becomes and the more you are able to project this out into the world.


Whether you know it or not you are subdued in your expression, see if you can really let rip today, if something is funny lose control and laugh…really laugh, deep from your belly, notice how it lifts you, how you tingle, how your whole body feels this and how it makes those around you laugh and smile. It feels good on every level.


Listen to music and sing and dance, give it all you’ve got, skill is not what is important here, don’t care who is listening. I cannot hold a note however I sing at the top of my voice every day, as loud and with as much feeling as I can and I love it, with singing comes dancing, now I am much better at that. I also limbo most days, not sure why really except I like to see how low I can go and it makes me laugh.


Find yourself hilarious, you really are your biggest fan and life is a hoot if you do.


Tell everyone in your life how much they mean to you, be expressive with your love, tell them every day, never assume they know, tell them why you love them. Be an open book not a closed one, life is so much better when you are expansive, when you allow your awesomeness to flow and mingle .


The energy today and through the weekend is very supportive to expressing yourself, shine like a star and if necessary restrict all communication to the medium of interpretative dance hahahaha no seriously if you feel a little chuckle coming then open the floodgates and allow a proper guffaw to be release.


Have a wonderful day lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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