Honesty Integrity and Discernment

Honesty Integrity and Discernment

Now, unlike any other time honesty is of paramount importance in your life, deception and dishonesty are no longer supported in this new paradigm.


Start with being honest with yourself and do that you need to balance that ego, when the ego is given control (something that is way out of its remit and comfort zone) it tends to maintain the status quo at all costs, even if that is detrimental to us. So for example it will look the other way when there are issues to examine. It will tell a narrative that you are fine, you are not responsible for any of this and therefore don’t need to do anything and that it is everyone else’s fault.


The ego can get quite cross about this further reinforcing the lie you are telling yourself, you may feel sure but it is a lie and the angrier you feel the stronger the lie.


Next you have to ensure that what you say is backed up by what you do, talk really is cheap. This is one of the pitfalls of facebook, it feeds into the lie we tell ourselves. If someone seems down  we can send a quick post on facebook and we feel better, not only have we reached out but we have done so that everyone can see how kind we are , this ticks all the boxes. This however is not backed up by anything physical, the person is not visited, nothing real is contributed to them, we have done nothing for them but we feel better.


It can also go further than that and be quite duplicitous, gossip and negativity behind the persons back and then platitudes and well wishes on social media. This creates some awful energy that affects everyone. It puts a fake sheen over everything, a bit like creating a beautiful meal and then spraying it with a plastic sealant.


Acting without integrity means its more important to appear awesome than actually access your own inner awesome and let that shine out. This is such a shame as the shiny outter appearance, that is so flimsy and fake could achieved genuinely if only the focus was within rather than what is presented via social media. It is more important to appear, cool kind successful etc than to actually put the work in.


We live in an instant gratification society, I feel this is a negative rather than a positive and it dulls our senses.


We often hear the term fake it till you make and sometimes this works, especially in the short term but be conscious of what you are doing because sometimes it just stays faking it.


It is more important to be honest even if you don’t like what you see, denying something and plastering over it with an off the peg façade is just storing up further problems.


So for example if you don’t like someone that is fine, we can’t all get along. Check first that you are not reacting to that person, maybe they trigger you because you are a lot alike and they are a mirror for you to address some issue, if it is just a case that you don’t gel, recognise this and accept it.


It doesn’t mean that you don’t like this person or it has to become an issue, it is what it is and it isn’t really personal, however if you are fake with this person this will cause you problems.


You need to speak your mind, say what you mean and mean what you say, this energy is supported in this paradigm more than ever. Don’t swallow your words for fear of upsetting another. Integrity is saying what you feel not what you think the other person wants to hear. Now this is easier said than done as we have all been conditioned (especially women) to satisfy the needs of another.


I have seen some great examples of speaking your truth and great things happening. This is not the same energy of years ago, in the old paradigm , where truth tellers would be regarded with suspicion doubt and hostility. The world really is changing and honesty is the only way to go.


As we become more honest we are able to take the personal out of most things and this allows so much more flow.


If you feel the need to gossip or pass judgement on another then you have triggers you need to resolve and your ego is distracting you, this is fine, we all have them, where the issues lies is if you gossip in one moment and then send love and light in the next.


So look within and be honest with yourself, face your shadow side, accept and reconcile. We ALL have this side and the only way to continue your path is to embrace this, unite both sides and therefore bring in an ascended balanced state.


We have moved away from the external paradigm, this is no longer about putting our flash on display to show our neighbours how successful we are, this is about being true to who you are and bringing that to the community. This is the paradigm of love and unity………feel it.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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