5th May 2016

5th May 2016


Good Morning, I hope everyone is well. The energies this morning have dropped slightly in their oomph . It feels like a blanket of hush has been pulled over the world,, it is a time to wait, to be still to just be.


The energy feels like a momentary rest on our journey, a time to take stock, to see how far we have come. A time to  appreciate the triumphs and to grieve for the losses, a time to feel what we have all been through and accept that.


Often it is only when we come out the other side that we truly understand what we have been through and it is time to give ourselves credit for our strength and determination. We are still here and rather than sweep that under the carpet or play it down we need to look at it until we feel proud of ourselves.


We are all changing everyday and we need to stop a see this, really get to know the real us, not the one struggling under the weight of duty and expectation but the one whose heart expands when they see a sunrise, or the beautiful soul that knows just how to make someone feel better just by being.


Today look at your life and know that you don’t need to prove anything to anyone! You don’t need to put off anything for another day, if it makes you feel good ….do it!


Today give yourself the love and care that you would give a loved one.


It is really important that you get to know who you really are as it lets you hold your head high with love and compassion in your heart when others are trying to put you in a box.


As the months turn towards summer we are all going to be asked to stand in our power, to live from the heart with integrity, so it is important to get in your heart and find out exactly what makes it tick. You may be surprised!


So if you wake this morning feeling like all the oomph has gone out of your life, don’t worry it will come back but for now it is important to appreciate exactly what you have been through, how far you have come, how much you have shone and how much you have changed. Look at this as though you were looking at another, side step the unbalanced ego that underplays all of your achievements and for once be your own cheering committee because I bet you deserve it.


Enjoy these rather mellow and subdued energy today, they are for looking within.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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