Good Morning, I…

Good Morning, I hope everyone is in good spirits. Although so many of you are still experiencing quite strong emotions which are coming up for release, this is not a time to mope or dwell, this second half of 2012 has all been about action, moving forward, putting plans into action, bringing dreams into reality. I am feeling clarity and lucidity coming in, preparation is key at the moment. Slow steady and considered is the way to go, no rushing off at tangents for the moment, you have taken a long time to get where you are today, you know what you need to do and the direction you need to take for your soul path, this comes from your heart and is calm and balanced, rushing into things is usually coming from the ego and the mind and this can often send you down a blind alley. It would probably be quite wise to develop a technique that keeps you calm centred and balanced over the next few months, I posted one yesterday which may help. At the moment we are existing in two different worlds or paradigms, one is still processing and releasing all the conditioning and blocks of our past, dealing with opposites and extremes, the other part of us is living in a paradigm of unity and love, this is where we are building a new future for all of us. Although wonderful it can be confusing and feel very unstable, it can leave you feeling odd and out of sorts as though you are not too sure who or where you are, you feel up and down. Don’t worry about this, good things are happening and you will come out the other side, just try not to take any of it personally. Have a wonderful day! Namaste Michele xxx


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